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March 5th 2015

This Week On The Farm: Week 10

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This one photo perfectly captures what last week was all about, sitting around the dinning room table, getting all of our ducks in a row for the season to come. Jill, Floret’s office manager is about to go on maternity leave, so we’re hustling to get every last workshop detail buttoned up before she’s gone. Sue Prutting from White Magnolia Designs flew out from D.C. so we could meet our insane completion goals, while Susan King from Buckeye Blooms worked remotely from OH. Our little power team was ON FIRE last week!

Chris, Jasper and Angel Jill held down the fort outside while we hustled our brains out in here. For anyone who thinks I’m some kind of wonder woman, and do this all myself, don’t be fooled. There is an amazing team behind the scenes, getting it all done alongside me. Without them, none of this would be possible!

In April our entire team will be together in person, and I will make sure to introduce you to each one of them. It’s about time you get a peek into the inner workings of our little company.

How about you? Are you buried in planning? Starting seeds? Gearing up for spring? Picking any flowers yet? I’d love to know!


  1. Jenny on

    again, keep sharing cause this journey is insane!

  2. Leslie Gesner - Midwife on

    As ALWAYS –
    So inspiring. ON FIRE is wonderful as is maternity leave. Have a luscious birth Jill.

  3. Michelle on

    We are still buried under snow but warmer days are coming! I just potted up 650 sweet peas and nearly 3000 seedlings in the house. Heat in the gh is going on in a week. So exciting! Lilies are on the way, along with scented geranium, lisianthus, dahlias, crocosmia, tall lily of the valley, and hundreds of shrubs and trees. It’s going to be insane.

  4. Becca on

    I love this picture and you girls so much. xo

  5. Viv on

    Hi Erin! 40 here in Indiana today, so some of the last 7 inches of snow is gone. I’m sending in seed orders. I’ve not much room to start seeds, etc. So I sold my zinias,sunflowers, and dahlias at farmers market. I’m trying to find some other things that I can just sow in my patch, and also some kind of plugs to blend in with what I’m doing. I can’t get to market until early July this way,—but , I still had 3 1/2 months of sales. Thanks again for sharing :)

  6. Gracie Pelsue on

    Ready to set out on a hunt for cafe au lait dahlia tubers for the year. No coincidence that inspiration is suddenly coming on after reading December’s post! Gorgeous. Can’t wait for spring;)

  7. VillageKid on

    Thanks for sharing more about your team!! Of course you will need to sneak a baby pic or two in once Jill ‘shares’ her newest addition!! (Would love to trade a little testosterone on our ‘team’ for some estrogen ;-)

    We are due for a cold snap, down to single digits, this week so outside work will take a break but inside is hard at things.

    Trays of seeds are being planted, a few things already being transplanted or harden off for time out into the various tunnels and covered areas.

    A last inside project or two of painting some furniture or sewing are still on the ‘table’ but we hope they will be done before May!

  8. May on

    Old Cape Cod is still blanketed in snow! Regardless, we will be starting our vegetable and flower seeds inside this week for our organic farm.

  9. Maureen on

    I’m starting lots of flowers from seed and looking forward to planting our fields in May. I sell bouquets at our little Farmer’s Market and do a couple of weddings each summer. I’d love to take one of your courses but your workshops are all sold out! Do you have a waiting list?

  10. kay on

    Hey Erin,
    We picked the first crop of our anemones for sale in the shop this week and they flew out the door, the ranunculus aren’t far behind including the ones you gave me back in October!! We are still preparing ground, we have all our sweetpea supports ready and are sowing a million seeds like crazy things!!….all the hardy annuals we sowed last autumn are poised ready to go and the bulbs are showing their heads above the soil…so exciting that spring is nearly here!!…great to see you and the lovely Sue in the photo..xx Kay

  11. Madeline on

    I’m trying to put winter to good use. I started taking classes toward a certificate of merit in Ornamental Horticulture at Longwood Gardens. Finished the first course in plant propagation techniques last week and aced the final exam.
    Outside, there’s 8″ of new snow.

    • VillageKid on

      How exciting!! Love your spirit!

  12. Tonya on

    We got another 14″ of snow last night.
    :( I’m grumpy about it, too. Lol.

  13. Corina on

    I need a team!!! Right now, I’m doing everything myself! I am working on a homesteading online course, so I’m totally on fire, too, sister! I’ve written e-books, shot movie tutorials, gotten my materials together, and am brainstorming like a crazy woman. And on top of that, I’m staring my vegetable seeds, weeding the gardens, and getting ready for piglets. Whoho! I love spring!

    • Floret on

      You are a maniac, woman!!!

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