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March 16th 2015

This Week on the Farm: Week 12

Written by

And just like that, it’s spring here on the farm.

We’ve been running at full tilt trying wrap up of the last construction projects so we can get back into the groove of harvesting daily. I won’t lie, it’s been tricky to juggle and at times I’ve lost my cool. Thank goodness my body remembers how to do this though. After so many years of farming, I can harvest without even thinking about it. The motions are just like breathing.

Hopefully next week I can show you all of the upgrades we’ve been working on and share a few more words about the process.






  1. Jenny on

    Inspiring, invigorating and feeding my own dreams.

  2. sue costello on

    Fabulous shot here of your work table. The arrangement down the end looks stunning. Love the combinations of the white, yellow and red overall. Intereseting to note that it looks like you burn the bottom of the steams of the Poppies. So, that really works./?

  3. Viv on

    I have robins and buzzards returning,–nothing green here yet. Thanks for sharing your beautiful spring with us.

  4. anonymouse on

    Those orange parrot tulips in the first photo are so exciting!

  5. VillageKid on

    Ahhhh, spring!!! Looking forward to hearing all yo, and your team, have been up to!

  6. Michelle on

    Slow is nearly gone, almost a month earlier than normal. Still getting cold at night though.

  7. Killoran Moore on

    Love that bird’s eye view shot! There are so many volunteer daffodils in the yard. I have no idea where they came from. I’m excited the season is starting for you – our bit of land dried enough to work and is now under inches of water. Haha.

  8. Suzanne Cheverie-Pugh on

    Just had snow flurries again yesterday, here on the Cape I think we’re never going to see spring! So nice to see it exists somewhere!

  9. Mollie on

    so so beautiful and inspiring!

  10. Tonya on

    I’m so jealous – I think the weather here may be broken. It’s been 19 degrees and 80 in the same week. :)

  11. Heather O on

    Daffodils, tulips, and poppies! Lovely!

  12. Katie on

    How exciting to see the farm kicking into gear again! And those daffodils are just stunning!!!!


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