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July 28th 2011

This Moment

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As this month is winding to a close I am absolutely and completely overwhelmed with gratitude.

The last four weeks have been a blur. With barely enough time to sleep or eat, it has been increasingly difficult to stop and take in all that is going on around me.

Last night I worked straight through the darkness forgoing sleep to finish a huge bouquet order and when Chris awoke at 4, we loaded the van together under a barely brightened sky. As he headed into the city and I headed to bed a huge wave of gratitude washed over me.

Yes, this is bloody hard work. Harder than I ever imagined it would be, but what an amazing life we’ve created!

In the blur of filling orders, planting, cutting, and dashing about I’ve struggled a bit with finding my center and remembering why we are REALLY doing this. This morning I had a wonderful window of clarity.

So in an effort to help myself stay connected to the heart of this adventure I am going to carve out a little more time to be still and try to drink in all of this bounty, because soon this season will be over. I don’t want to have been so focused on the doing end of things that the being in this amazing moment was lost.

Next week rather than words, I am going to focus on silence and being as present as possible in the middle of this wild and crazy adventure..
I am always so inspired by the lovely Soule Mama who has a weekly post called This Moment where she posts a single photo without words – capturing a moment from her week. She describes it as” a simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.”


I believe it is just what I need to help me get re grounded.
But rather than just one day, I think I will continue it  through the entire week.

This crazy, beautiful, insane time is just too precious to miss.



  1. Denise on

    Oh how wonderful. I am so inspired by you! Its so vital to stay in touch with our true nature and appreciate our efforts. You are kicking ass lady.
    Much love and peace to you.

  2. Wildstyle Designs on

    Hi Erin,

    Your posts always inspire me, but this one rings particularly true. It is so hard to not get caught up in the hustle and grind of work- even the most beautiful kinds of work!!! You are wise to step back and consciously drink it in- I hope you get to truly enjoy the beauty you live in, and let it inspire and fill you as much as it does me:)

  3. julie on

    erin – such a beautiful post…u work sooo hard, yet have such beautiful surroundings…i soo hope u do get the opportunity to slow down & "smell the roses", soon….xxx

  4. Teresa Sabankaya on

    Erin, whenever I get in that chaotic state–I force myself to stop, even just for a moment, and take in the beauty. Yes, find your center. Look around you. Smell the roses, and hug your kids.

  5. Jen of Country Weekend on

    You work so incredibly hard–I'm glad you are going to take some moments. Your pictures are lovely. Inspiring post–thank you.

  6. botanical brouhaha on

    Beautifully said…can't wait to see your "moment" pictures…you really don't need many words anyway because the beauty of your life speaks for itself. Enjoy your quiet!

  7. Chelsea on

    Wow. That's amazing. I hope you get rest soon!

  8. Lotte and Bloom on

    you inspire the hell out of me. enjoy your precious week x


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