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May 23rd 2014

The Seasonal Flower Alliance {May 22}

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Bouquet includes: peonies, garden roses, viburnum, sweet peas and crambe.

Bouquet includes: peonies, garden roses, viburnum, sweet peas and crambe.

With the last of the ranunculus and the first of the peonies, neither of which went well together, I found it impossible to choose my direction for this weeks bouquet. Instead of limiting myself to just one, I instead struck a compromise and worked with both.


It’s been a busy, busy week and taking a little window of time off from the chaos to just “play” with flowers was exactly what I needed. If the sun hadn’t started to set, I’d still be out there going for number three!


I can’t decide which one I prefer. The rich orange and chocolate tones match how I’ve been feeling lately but those tiny pink roses and billowy peonies totally stole my heart.

If you could only pick one, which would you choose?

Bouquet includes: copper beech, black elderberry, ranunculus, sweet peas, grasses, mallow, nine bark, bronze fennel and snowberry foliage.

Bouquet includes: copper beech, black elderberry, ranunculus, sweet peas, grasses, mallow, nine bark, bronze fennel and snowberry foliage.

To join in the fun, simply make up a bouquet using local flowers, snap a photo, post it somewhere on the internet and then leave a link to it here in the comments section below. Easy as can be.

If you’re on Instagram, you can use/search the hashtag #seasonalfloweralliance for even more flowery goodness.



Thank you so much for taking the time to share the beauty from your world and I can’t wait to see what you create this week!


  1. April on

    Thank you so much for taking the time out of your hectic schedule to inspire everyone!

    I also appreciate SO much that you include the names of all the flowers and the plants that you include in the bouquets. I have made a game of it and I never know all of them. Thank you for helping me grow in my flower knowledge.

  2. Maude on

    First, you are my HERO! When I am sad or during a rainy day, I go visit your web site and I feel immediately happy. For the choice between the 2 bouquets, I’m in love with the pale pink and cream one. It’s like a dream. There’s the link of my bouquet made during a walk into my friend’s land in the Laurentides. It’s still daffodils time. We are a bit offset here compare to you who lives near Seattle.

  3. Danielle on

    tough choice – both bouquets offer so much exquisite beauty and grace! it’s the antique shades of the purple and orange that fill me with a sense of nostalgia… thus #2 has my vote!

  4. Myrica on

    So beautiful! I love love love the orange one!

    This week in my neck of the woods: kale flowers, bearded iris, lonicera ciliosa, geum macrophyllum, dock, thimbleberry:

  5. Kim Graves Smith on

    I so love the orange hues, plummy accents and chocolate depth if the second! You are so fortunate to have a paradise of choices !

  6. cori on

    I love the second one, orange is my favorite.

  7. Georgianna on

    Yup, for me the pastel one is exquisite and perfect!

  8. Gretchen on

    Beautiful work Ladies! It’s always such a treat to see what everyone does.

    Which arrangement? I love the darker tones, but those fluffy peonies . . . way too hard to decide!

  9. Kim Martin on

    Gosh, both are simply gorgeous. But I have to pick the 2nd arrangement with the richer colors. All of those are my favorites!!!!!

    Great job on both though!!

  10. Lisa on

    Here is my installment for the week.


    Wow! No way to choose. It is obvious to me and everyone who checks out your blog that your flowers and talent at arranging are over the moon. It would be cool to put your arrangement next to one of those store bought or typical FTD bouquets just to see how stark and drastic a difference it actually is. I wish the public could see that comparison everyday at the grocery store and flower shops. They absolutely don’t know what they are missing with locally grown and arranged beauties. Keep it up!!!

  12. Katie on

    cripes Erin you really took it to the moon with that pastel number!!

  13. laura on

    They are both so beautiful but IF I had to choose one it would be the darker one. I just love the way those colors stand out. Thank you for sharing such beauty and talent with us today.

  14. Sarah on

    I think a peony is one of the prettiest flowers ever to come from the ground, so I love the soft romantic feel of the first bouquet.

    Your arrangements are always beautiful though, so natural, like you just put them in the vase and they fell perfectly into place.

  15. kim Smith on

    well I guess I should have posted on this, feel free to move me ;)

  16. Mel on

    Now you are spoiling us with two bouquets! Both so very beautiful and each creating a certain mood. That’s one of the tricks isn’t it? The mood. I am learning and soaking it all in but such a long way to go in my flower arranging endeavors. Anyway here is my attempt this week.

    And thanks again Erin for this sharing and learning opportunity.

  17. Emily Webb on

    I think the pastel one is the most beautiful arrangement I’ve ever seen!! The mood it creates is; soft, romantic, feminine, delicate.. it’s incredibly pretty, but has a shyness to it. I love it!!!!


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