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June 12th 2013

taking one for the team

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Floret Erin Benzakein

I never wear dresses. Actually I’m not sure I’ve worn one since my wedding, which was like 13 years ago. It’s something about not being able to crawl around without scratching my knees up and feeling like if I have to make some serious shit happen I’ll be hindered. So me and jeans, we’re best friends.
Floret Erin Benzakein

But I had a gorgeous handful of leftover peonies, the prettiest old roses flowering outside the studio window, the perfect light, a sweet little dress shoved way in the back of my closet and a deadline.

Floret Erin Benzakein
Truthfully it wasn’t as horrible as I expected. Well, except for the thistles and sticky weed that thrashed my white as can be legs and not having a slip so my underwear showed through in most photos. Haha!

Floret Erin Benzakein
Floret Erin Benzakein
Sometimes though, you’ve just gotta take one for the team.
Floret Bouquet

++ This bouquet was made for last weeks installment on The Seasonal Bouquet Project. Head on over to see this weeks beauty, which includes my two all time favorite roses!


  1. Jordyn on

    So beautiful! Whatever you went through was definitely worth it

  2. Melody on

    I adore the white rosé in these photos with the yellow stamens! Is it the wind song rose you mention in the link? I can’t seem to find a source for it anywhere online. It’s such a beauty.

  3. CheyAnne Sexton on

    such beautiful photography and beautiful subjects. Do you take your own photos or is there someone else behind the camera? You have such an inspiring place to be that I know I would have a hard time putting my camera down to do anything else, well unless I got to painting my watercolors.
    Love coming to your site

  4. nanne on

    you look as beautiful as your flowers!

  5. sarah on

    ok you inspire me to go outside and make a seasonal bouquet today, but i’m not putting on no dress

  6. Sarah on

    I just found your site last night and have really enjoyed reading about your flower farm. Your photos are beautiful and your flowers are absolutely gorgeous.

    I am happy that I found you because my husband and I are moving to a small acreage in Georgia and I plan to have an organic flower garden. There isn’t a flower shop within 45 miles of the town and since I love flowers and work in a floral shop now, it’s a perfect match. Your farm has really inspired me even more.

    and it’s funny what you said about wearing skirts….I’d rather wear one any day over jeans! :)


  7. Kim on

    When I saw this bouquet last week on the Seasonal Bouquet Project post, it stole my heart! Definitely one of my favorite arrangements I’ve ever seen. Thanks for sharing so much beauty!

    ps- I’m in the jeans club too : D

  8. botanical brouhaha on

    Magical! That’s what you and your flowers are. Phenomenal photography.

  9. Adrien on

    I swear I can smell those roses… And this evening sunlight we’ve been having in the PNW? Heaven! Thanks for letting me live vicariously through your garden while I wait for my own.

  10. Amanda Cook on

    What gorgeous pictures, from a talented florist and grower. I so needed to come home to this after a hard day, so much beauty and elegance refuels the soul. Thank you.

  11. Dawn Severin on

    Aww, geessshh! You look pretty! Love that close up of the bouquet.


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