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June 3rd 2013

a visit to Garden Valley Ranch

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My final day in California was spent at Garden Valley Ranch in Petaluma. After reading about the amazing roses grown there on the SAIPUA blog I’ve been totally hooked on their roses and the magical little flower fairy that runs the joint, Fallon Shea Anderson ever since.


Fallon is a genuinely beautiful soul. Her love of roses is tangible and contagious and absolutely inspiring! She’s also a killer floral designer and does weddings in addition to flower farming. If you want to have your world rocked, check out her site here!

Fallon w/ Rose
Eden Rose at Garden Valley Ranch

It was totally satisfying to commiserate with another fiercely passionate and equally exhausted grower for a bit. Flower farming is an amazing and totally insane profession, especially if you are doing the majority of the labor yourself. Fallon and I are in the same boat in that respect but are both ready to make a change. Cheers to a little more balance in our lives as we move forward!!!

Eden Rose at Garden Valley Ranch
rose field at Garden Valley Ranch

Following on her heels as we ducked from one overflowing rose field to the next, was crazy exciting! I just loved watching her snip, smell and share the story of each rose as we toured the farm. Before long my hands were so full of fragrant blooms I couldn’t take any more pictures!

Fallon Shea Anderson

Fallon ships roses every week to designers all over the country. If you’ve been trying to get your hands on real, field grown garden roses, then check out Garden Valley’s “Fresh Cut Rose” page and drop her a line!

Rose Peter B
Rose Peter B.


  1. Hedgerow Rose on

    Those roses are INSANE. How lucky of you to be able to take a tour!

  2. FlowerLady Lorraine on

    What a beautiful place filled with one of my very favorite flowers.

    Have a lovely week ~ FlowerLady

  3. Ashley Fox on

    her roses are like crack for floral designers. for me anyway. and not a bad addiction to have. I have enjoyed 2 shipments from her and the smell alone will hook you.


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