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March 22nd 2013

Still processing

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This past week was a whirlwind of travel, family adventures, beautiful flowers, lots of driving, learning so much my brain hurt, new experiences, personal growth and wonderful new friends.

I’m still half out of my body, mostly out of words and trying desperately to reintegrate back into the new busy spring rhythm here at home. We returned to blooming flowers, a full inbox and orders to be filled.

So instead of rambling on and on about all of the amazing things I saw, the fact that Jose Villa autographed my copy of his book and photographed my bridal bouquet!!!, the thrill I felt shaking hands with Joel Serrato and hearing he follows me on Instagram, watching Kate Holt flower, meeting precious little Alice, not being the only grower in the group and making so many amazing new friends… instead I’ll leave you with some images from the Flower Wild workshop.

More details to come, I promise, but for now……

Kate Holt working


Kate Holt making a bridal

Kate Holt working

purple bouquet

Flower Wild Workshop

Jose Villa shooting

purple bridal

bridal bouquet



wild bridal

Brumuda Babes


Kelly Perry



flowers in action


foxy bridal

Foxy bouquet

Erin and Gretel


Alice painting



  1. debra on

    so fun to see you with Gretel of Sunny Meadow Flower Farms!!!

  2. Becca on

    Hey Erin,
    Can you tell me the name of the tiny purple-hued flowers in the first picture? They’re so pretty!

    • Floret on

      they are: fritillaria persica

  3. Kim Spears on

    AMAZING !! I would have been shaking like a leaf meeting Jose and Joel – incredible :)

  4. Kirstabelle on

    I am currently waiting to find a floristry course to do after not finding any work experience. Every time I see your posts it just gets me so excited about floristry, these bouquets are so beautiful and creative. Truly wonderful :)

  5. Ashley on

    Love your amazing eye for photos as well as flowers. That should be Abany’s profile pic on her website! Stunning light! xo A.

  6. Alexa Johnson on

    What an experience and what beautiful creations! I can’t wait to hear more.

  7. calida on

    wow erin! i can see how you would have a sore brain! what is the beautiful greenery i see in the third picture cascading out to the sides? it looks lovely! thank you so much for sharing with us. inspired xx

    • Floret on

      I wish I knew. It was some type of tree but none of us could i.d. it : (

  8. Georgianna on

    AMAZING! Can’t wait to hear all about it!! x

  9. Terri on

    Oh, Erin, I can never get over how gorgeous your work is! Can you tell me the name of that pink tulip with the cream colored tips? They are breathtaking!

    • Floret on

      Terri, isn’t it stunning!? Sadly, none of the varieties were labeled so it remains a mystery.

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