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March 20th 2013

Week #3

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making a daffodil surprise

I’ve been in Southern California all week at a glorious flower workshop put on by Kate Holt of Flowerwild. If you’re on the fence about attending her next wedding themed class this April, I have one thing to say…..do it!

I promise to share all of the beautiful details about the adventure a little later on, but just realized that Tuesday has zoomed by without sharing a link to this weeks daffodil inspired Seasonal Bouquet Project entry. Have a great week!


  1. A Garden of Threads on

    Beautiful, I would also like to know how you held the flowers in place. Take care and have a lovely day, Jen

  2. Jia on

    I just visit your website, it is beautiful and and marvellous, beautiful flowers, absolutely great work.

  3. Melissa on

    So I’m curious- Did you do that in oasis or did you use chicken wire or something like that to hold the flowers? Also how long do you think an arrangement like that would last with the daffodils and their sap issues? I’ve always wondered how long you could get from an arrangement with daffodils and other mixed flowers. It’s a really beautiful arrangement!


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