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September 14th 2015

Seasonal Flower Alliance: September 14

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For this week’s Seasonal Flower Alliance post, I’m sharing a simple armload of these incredible ‘Apple Blossom’ Dahlias.  These cuties have soft creamy buttery yellow as a beautiful backdrop to the soft touches of peachy pinks that are seemingly painted onto the petals and the ruffly colarette surrounding the center.   ‘Apple Blossom’ is one of the first dahlia varieties I planted in my garden, and even many years later it still makes my list of favorites.

For this week’s Seasonal Flower Alliance featured posts, I am highlighting submissions from around the world.  Check out these gorgeous flowers and photos from Australia, Great Britain, Belgium, and Canada.  I just love seeing the similarities–and stark contrasts–to what is in season across the globe.

If you are new to the Seasonal Flower Alliance, here’s a quick recap of how to participate:

1) Snap.  Take a photo of flowers that are in season in your area, whether it is a fistful of blooms from your garden or a vase full of flowers from your local farmers market.
2) Tag.  Upload your photo to Instagram with the hashtag #SeasonalFlowerAlliance.
3) Share!  In your photo caption, please share what flower varieties are featured (if you know them). Bonus points for listing your location and/or USDA hardiness zone!

It’s a fun way to see and celebrate seasonal flowers!

Not on Instagram but want to see what others are sharing?  Check out the latest posts:

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  1. LindaQ on

    In a previous post you mentioned using a unscented sweet Annie. Can you give me a source for this seed? I planted Sweet Annie last year and did not tolerate the strong scent and had an allergic reaction to it. I have seen it used for fall arrangements and in wreaths and would like to give it another try. Thank-you for all of your inspiration and guidance!


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