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September 7th 2015

Seasonal Flower Alliance: September 7

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I know it is kinda sorta cheating, but I wanted to share another photo (or two) of the recent Floret design workshop for this week’s Seasonal Flower Alliance post.  This dreamy tablescape was just too beautiful to confine to just one week!  The compotes that line the center of the table were loaded with dahlias, lisianthus, scabiosa-flowered zinnias, autumn blooming clematis, fruiting branches and other seasonal goodies that the workshop participants harvested from our farm.  What a fantastic way to close out another fun three-day designing event.

Screen Shot 2015-09-08 at 1.17.25 PM

I’ve been scrolling through the latest batch of Seasonal Floral Alliance posts over on Instagram.  With more than 10,000 photos now hashtagged, it is a veritable feast for the flower-lover’s eyes!  Each week I like to scan the posts looking for patterns.  It’s amazing how many appear totally organically.  Sometimes the submissions are dominated by particular flowers, like dahlias. Other times it is a particular color, like the berry tones a few weeks back or photo bombs by furry (and feathery) flower friends. This past week, some different themes popped out at me.

The first was the phenomena of bouquets matching whatever you are wearing (or vice versa).  I often see this at my workshops—participants will make a bouquet with flowers that complement the color of their blouse.  Sometimes they do it intentionally, but more times than not it is an uncanny coincidence.  Either way, it makes for some pretty flower photos.

The other pattern or theme that I noticed this past week were the “deadheaded hearts”  (could this be the rise of another hashtag?) which, when put together, make a pretty little collage.

Deadheaded dahlias doing the usual. I know. Weirdo. #garden #flower #dahlia #seasonalfloweralliance

A photo posted by shelberta (@shelberta) on

Deadheading #dahlias #farmerflorist #seasonalfloweralliance #fieldgrown #flowerfarmer #flowergrower #fun #art #hearts

A photo posted by Jayflora Designs (@jayflora_designs) on

#crimson #everlasting flowers #seasonalfloweralliance

A photo posted by Denise McCausland (@lavenderwithroses) on

???? Flower collages??? Pfff… What a silly thing #okayiwillredoit #flowercollage

A photo posted by Elizaveta Ambrasovskaya (@e_ambrasovskaya) on

I’ve toyed around with the idea of suggesting a flower theme or design challenge to add as an additional layer of the Seasonal Flower Alliance submission.   What do you think?  I’ll mull over some ideas this week, but welcome your suggestions–feel free to put them in the comments below.  Until then, I’ll enjoy looking for the patterns that emerge naturally.

Thanks for playing along!

If you are new to the Seasonal Flower Alliance, here’s a quick recap of how to participate:

1) Snap.  Take a photo of flowers that are in season in your area, whether it is a fistful of blooms from your garden or a vase full of flowers from your local farmers market.
2) Tag.  Upload your photo to Instagram with the hashtag #SeasonalFlowerAlliance.
3) Share!  In your photo caption, please share what flower varieties are featured (if you know them). Bonus points for listing your location and/or USDA hardiness zone!

It’s a fun way to see and celebrate seasonal flowers!

Not on Instagram but want to see what others are sharing?  Check out the latest posts:

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