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October 12th 2015

Seasonal Flower Alliance: October 12

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In October, I always feel like I’m on borrowed time and find myself rushing around trying to complete so many end-of-season tasks.  The nip in the air is a constant reminder that frost is lurking just around the corner, waiting to decimate our field flowers with just one little dip in the mercury.  But before that killing frost comes, Chris and I are taking time out to photograph many of our favorite flowers.  Sorting and editing the thousands of images we captured will keep us busy and provide a mini flower fix during the coldest, darkest months of the year.  Above is a shot of ombre shades of celosia from the “Supercrest Mix.”  I just love the varied colors and forms of the flowers, from perfect little spikey plumes to mini cockscombs, that all add fantastic texture to mixed bouquets.

In between photographing flowers and planting my favorite fall bulbs, I’ll be carving out time to review Floret workshop scholarship submissions.  We’re taking applications for just one short week, so don’t miss this great opportunity to earn a free registration to a 2016 workshop. If you missed the announcement last week, click here to get all the details.  Registration for all of our 2016 workshops will open on October 24th, so be sure to mark you calendar or set an alarm to be sure to secure a spot at your workshop of choice!

Our neighbors to the North just finished celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving. It was fun to see so many pretty bouquets, such as this beauty flood my Instagram feed in honor of the holiday and the Seasonal Flower Alliance!

I was also moved by some of the simple but stunning sunset shots that were submitted this last week.  Take a moment to soak in this beauty:

Want to join in the fun?  Show and share your seasonal flower love by cutting and captioning flowers from your fields, gardens or local farmers market.  Simply upload and share your photos on Instagram using the #seasonalfloweralliance hashtag.

If you’re not on Instagram, here’s glimpse of the beauty being shared around the world:

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  1. Susan on

    I am having a difficult time finding many of your favorite bulbs. Do you have a good source to pass on to me? Thanks!


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