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April 27th 2011

Running Between The Waves

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It’s a busy, busy time. When we’re not riding a wave, it seems we’re running for the next. This pace is humbling but I have no real complaints.

Gripes that were once so massive and consuming are now just distant nags. Even fighting or getting angry seems like a waste of energy ;)


Instead of resisting, we push as far as possible through each day, collapsing into bed under the weight of exhaustion for a night of rock like sleep. Coffee is our life blood in these foggy days.

 While I so dreaded this pace all winter, strangely I’m finding joy in its persistence. I feel like a rock that’s rough edges are being washed smooth by the ocean waves.


Between sowing seeds, preparing ground and planting, wedding, harvesting, arranging and delivering, life feels like a blur of dirt and flowers.


So many beautiful flowers…. with more than even I can imagine on their way.
In truth I am a little scared, stepping forward into this incredibly full reality we’ve created. We have never taken on so much, been so united, and so focused, so utterly driven.



If we keep up this pace and stay true to our plan, that “real farm” I have been wishing for forever will actually be ours.

can see it , out there on the horizon… it’s waiting for us.

All we have to do is keep going.


  1. growingflowers on

    Oh Erin – good for you. Hang in there. It can be so hard, sometimes, this crazy lifestyle that we have all chosen for ourselves. I admire your determination and willingness to persevere and go forward with your dream. I really know how hard it is. I had to let go of farming, because it was so intense and so hard to keep up with! Amazing how you are moving forward and what abundance you have created for yourself!

  2. Alicia on

    I like all your posts :)

  3. The Monkey Flower Group on

    So inspiring! I can feel your energy and excitement buzzing all the way down here in CA! And it makes me feel so happy! Thank you for sharing your dream coming true with us : ).

  4. webb on

    Your flowers not only inspire awe, but also the resolve to try a little something new. Thanks so much for sharing! Oh, and try for a nap now and then!

  5. flwrjane on

    Oh you. Your blog is like a lovely book I pick up and read and sigh over.

    What did I do before I was a blogger?

    i only hoped people lived their dream.

    Now i know they do.

    xo jane

  6. Blush Floral on

    so beautiful! your flowers are amazing!!! I am just starting out, and can only wish, hope, and pray to have a farm like yours someday!

  7. Lotte and Bloom on

    your tale is so inspiring and you write so beautifully about it too…

  8. Belinda @ Wild Acre on

    You deserve so much success, all power to you as you ride the waves, (hope you find time to look up and take in the view of your awesome achievements now and again!) Thanks for sharing the adventure on this gorgeous blog and giving us so much pleasure and inspiration thereby. We salute you, Floretflowerfarm!!

  9. Florist in the Forest on

    Go get it! Beautiful words and stunning flowers. I love reading about you living the dream and I find it so inspiring for my small little venture!

  10. bowstreetflowers on

    Yep, every morning, with my first cup, I watch your beautiful life and the flowers unfold. Thank you for finding time to share it with us.

  11. botanical brouhaha on

    I feel so lazy…just enjoying the fruits of your labor every morning with a cup of coffee…while not lifting a finger to help! But, oh, how I do enjoy your blog! You're creating something amazing and should be so proud.

  12. tj on

    …You go girl! :o)

    …"life feels life is a blur of dirt and flowers." – And what a happy blur it must be! Sounds like heaven to me… :o)

    …Beautiful photos. Beautiful flowers.



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