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April 28th 2011

A Dose Of Inspiration

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I am so inspired by this video and her wise and grounded words .My favorite line starts at 2:35. Amazing!

I bet you are all already following the beauty on Lotte and Bloom’s blog but if by chance you are not, get ready for a treat.

I had a terrible scare a few years ago and in the process was given a brief window of clarity about my life. I realized that the majority of what I gave my energy to was actually completely meaningless and the things I cherished the most were being horribly neglected. At the time I thought that the clarity would never fade, that I would never fall back into filling my mind and days with trivial , stressful , bullshit. But unfortunately I often catch myself getting caught up in the illusion again. After watching this moving and inspiring TED talk I feel a renewed sense of commitment to filling my world with only things that truly matter. If you can carve out 5 minutes, please soak in his wisdom.

This beautyno words!

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