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April 26th 2011

Can’t Pick

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What a treat to have a little window of dry, sunny weather this weekend. We made the most of it and hustled to get as much soil work done as possible before another round of blustery spring rains slammed our region for the umpteenth time.


It’s eerie to see so many massive tractors parked in waterlogged fields at the height of spring, waiting, waiting for their chance to break ground. But with only 48hrs of suitable weather, there is much more waiting on the horizon.


I am so thankful that we are a small operation and don’t have hundreds of acres to till in these brief windows of dry. I am also unbelievably grateful that our little plot is positioned a top a big sand bar. This blessing has enabled us to eek forward when most others are stuck.


Chris is getting insanely good with the camera! He took so many twinkly, magical shots, I’ve had the hardest time narrowing down my selection.


If you look close enough, I think you might be able to see a fairy or two hiding in amongst the flowers.


All ingredients from our garden : )




  1. Brooke Howsley on

    Lovin' those green ranuncs. I'm in such awe that all those stems came from your property! It's 98 here today and everything's wilty. If we can swing a trip up there this August I'll stop by, if you have time for a visitor…

  2. Florist in the Forest on

    Beautiful pics and flowers as always.
    We can only dream of rain over here at the mo!! Hope the sun shines a little longer for you.

  3. The Monkey Flower Group on


    And I think I DO see a little fairy buzzing around in there. Probably it was just chillin' in the frittilaria, minding it's own business, when you went and harvested its digs. Good thing it went to such excellent use – I'm sure your karma will remain untarnished. ; )

  4. Floret Flowers on

    Belinda, we are using an older hand me down I bought from a friend who was upgrading. It's a Canon Rebel XTI. While I long for a fancy new one with a couple lenses it has treated us great so far!
    Happy Homemaker-thank you!
    Jane-it's bloody hard work but I have to agree, it's paradise :)

  5. flwrjane on

    It's as if you live in Paradise.

    I know it's masses of hard work but Chris and his magic camera makes it look blissful.

    xo Jane

  6. Happy Homemaker UK on

    Wow, you lucky girl! Absolutely gorgeous! Hoping you have a long dry spell soon :) XOL

  7. Belinda @ Wild Acre on

    First coffee of the morning and these photos are a great way to start my Tuesday! They are fabulous photos (- I am asking lots of people who take lovely pics what camera they use because I see a purchase of a grown up camera in my notsofarawayfuture! Can I ask what you guys use?).


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