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June 8th 2011

Powering Down

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The power company truck is here, ready to raise the cables that swoop across my front yard where the new greenhouse is to live. Looks like the  lengthy post I had planned will have to wait since we will be powering down here shortly.

Thanks a million for all of the goat enthusiasm!
The kids and I are now 100% on board. All we need to do is sway Chris just a little more ;) Last night we took him over to soak in some goat love. It’s crazy how seductive those little buggers are. As we walked back to the car he said: I really like them!”  Oh yeah, we’re almost there.

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  1. Clare Day Flowers on

    I love it. I am waging a similar campaign to get Geoff on board with some sheep for the farm here in Victoria. Wishing you luck! ;)


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