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June 16th 2011

Peony Overload

Written by

He,he…well not quite. I don’t know if it’s possible to ever overload on Peonies. Just look at these stunners!
Can you believe this arm load contains 9 different varieties?? They look so similar in bud but just you wait, they are slowly opening in the studio and holy cow! I can’t help myself and have spent a ridiculous amount of time sniffing, examining and adoring them.

This lovely lady is Geraldine and she is a woman you want to know if you’re in the flower biz. She owns a small operation, North Field Farm, up near the Canadian border where she grows a staggering 80 different varieties of Peonies.

I was the very last stop on her route which was wonderful treat, because it gave us a few minutes to visit.
See that bucket of white buds? Well it contains 8 different varieties, one of each of her favorite whites. I have a wedding next weekend and the bride is in for a SERIOUS treat. Ha!

Ahhh, the smell that came pouring our of her car about took me out. Seriously….wow!
Geraldine informed me that Peony season is coming to a close pretty soon, we’ve only got 10-14 days to snatch up and use what we can. So, just a heads up in case you were hoping to get in on the loveliness.
One great thing to remember is that Peonies hold very well in the cooler, easily two weeks if they are still in bud when you get them, like these pictured above. So load up while you can :)
If you’d like to connect with Geraldine, she doesn’t have an email or website so you’ll need to ring her cell.
1 (360)380-5257
5 tie bunches are currently $7.5 each. Crazy, crazy cheap and the quality and freshness are spectacular! She delivers as far as Seattle, and if you are really, really nice and place a hefty order, I bet she’d ship some to you.

P.S. Yes, I do grow Peonies and no, I have no real business buying any in. The whites are justifiable since I’m low and need extras for a wedding. But the others…no excuse. Well, except that they are too beautiful not to experience :)


  1. Kristina Diaz de tuesta on

    I love pony flowers and it’s hard to find to grow…
    You have such beautiful amazing heavily flowers I have ever seen… I admire you very!. You so strong you know what you want and it wasn’t easy I don’t know how you did I mean I watch your documentary on tv max but wow….

    You sacrifice everything to get where you are today 🙏🏻…
    I will continue to watch and I’ll learn from you !..
    God blessing you…

  2. Jill Lada on

    Do you have favorite varieties for a beginning peony grower? I sell mainly at markets, have a flower CSA, and do some weddings. I’d appreciate any advice! I love everything you are doing. Thanks for sharing so much knowledge and inspiration!

  3. webb on

    You are so lucky. Our peonies were gone a month ago! Smell them for me, please!

  4. McKenzie Powell Designs on

    Oh my gosh! You are so cute… buying peonies when you grow them yourself simply because they are irresistible! But I totally get it!

  5. Muddy Boot Dreams on

    Gorgeous, and I do so love them. What a treat to have seen all of your gorgeous photos, too bad that Geraldine lives over the border….

    But I can live vicariously through your shots.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams


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