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June 17th 2011


Written by

This Sweet Pea insanity perfectly illustrates how things are coming around here.

While the abundance is just barely starting to set in I am already blown away by all of the beauty.

As a little girl, if you would have told me that this is what my life would evolve into, I would have been so happy and excited to walk into my future! I’ve always adored nature, gardening and especially flowers.

Now, this is 15 feet from my back door. Freaking crazy!


I know I often talk aboutĀ the level of toil involved in bring such beauty into the world, but in truth, there really is nothing I’d rather devote myself to.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend filled with as many thingsĀ as you can possibly squeeze into it!

P.S.~ thank you for all of the wonderful blog advice. As soon as I can carve out a little time, I’ll dive into the new challenge :)


  1. Maria Maxit on

    I love Texas but it makes it hard to love when you are a floral designer!

  2. Bellenza Wedding Bistro on

    When my Reader shows an alert for a new Floret Flower Farm post, I know I'm in for another fabulous visual treat! Thank God for flowers (literally)!

  3. bowstreetflowers on

    I love your life too. So sweet and beautiful. Flowers need to be picked and shared. Thank you for choosing to grow them and for sharing with us.

  4. Emerson Merrick on


    I bought some local sweetpea at the farmer's market this morning and it triggered the most insane what-am-I-doing-with-my-life-i-need-to-be-growing-flowers moment.

  5. Alice and Stuart on

    Beautiful beautiful beautiful. i have it for that dark purple. you can tell there is a lot of love in those flowers!!!!

  6. Jen of Country Weekend on

    Oh they are so sweet! Their name is well deserved. Every time you pst pictures of your flowers I think that is my favorite. But I truly thing the sweet peas are it.


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