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February 16th 2011

On Hold

Written by


Years ago, when we still lived in the city, I spent many hours daydreaming of what I wanted my life to be like when we finally were able to escape and move to the country. 



On the list of priorities were a flock of chickens, an orchard, a big veggie garden, brimming flower beds, a berry patch and goats. Over time I have at one point or another each of these things has been a part of our life except for, the goats.



Finally last spring after years of waiting we decided to take the plunge and adopt a pair of baby Nigerian Dwarfs. In our excitement and haste we forgot to factor in the time it would take to build a secure pen, learn the basics of small animal husbandry, and how much care little creatures like these  require.


Well, as is common around here when the flower season hits, we had to put our dream on hold…again. Ugh, what a disappointment.


Despite our overly full schedule these darling little critters still needed a home, so our good friends down the road swooped in and adopted them.


Now when I need a little goat fix we head down to their place for a visit. I do hope that someday soon we’ll be able to have a pair of our own but as the flower season nears,  I know we must wait a little longer.



  1. webb on

    I love goats and would love to have one. Unfortunately the county frowns on them in lots as small as ours – no sense of humor at all! But you have to love an animal who likes to stand on his roof!

  2. Floret Flowers on

    Kelsey, so glad to hear that!

    Flwr Jane, come on out!ha,ha!

  3. Kelsey Lightfoot on

    I love this post! I live in a (big) city, and dream daily about my future flower fields.

    Your blog helps me get through the "city days".

    So, Thank you for that!

  4. flwrjane on

    Surely on my list of favorite things, after food and friends and flowers and books come goats.

    You have just sealed the deal for me with this post.

    I think I'm moving in.



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