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February 15th 2011

Just Around The Corner

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It’s hard to believe, actually it’s nearly impossible to wrap my mind around the fact that this bounty will be coming out of our garden in a little over a month. 5 short weeks!
These photos were taken last March and nearly all of the flowers in them were harvested from our property.
After a winter of grey drizzle and dark days it’s hard to believe that once again our space will be brimming with life.
While just the sight of these flowers makes me want to leap ahead in time and be firmly planted in spring, with the flowers comes a whole lot of w o r k.
So rather than being impatient, I am going to consciously savor every last drop of this downtime because just around the corner, everything is about to change.


This bridal bouquet includes: antique fragrant Narcissus (the name has escaped me) Tulips Apricot Parrot and Mt. Tacoma, Lonicera tartarica,Friteleria assyriaca,Erythronium Pagoda,Rosemary Arp.


  1. Brooke Howsley on

    You are so lucky to live in that growing climate!! Argh, it's such a struggle to find that many types of flowers growing in TX in one season :). I think we just need more ferociously talented growers like you.

  2. a web across the way on

    Wow, Springtime is no joke in Washington!? Those are some seriously gorgeous blooms. ps- thanks so much for the sweet comments on my blog.

  3. flwrjane on

    How do I not know you? Your flowers, farm, pictures and blog are breathtaking.

    I'll be back to read more.


  4. Overlooking Mississippi on

    Just gorgeous! Love Parrot Tulips especially..can't wait to see your garden pics!

    Happy B-lated Birthday :)

  5. Floret Flowers on

    Belinda, thank you! I can hardly believe it myself!

  6. Belinda @ Wild Acre on

    5 weeks? Hardly seems possible, but how exciting! Your bouquets are breathtaking.


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