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April 6th 2012

my week in pictures


  1. Michelle on

    I love your week. I hope, that in a few more years, my weeks will look like that.

  2. Piia Anneli / annelivia on

    Happy, happy week it looks like :) I love your mentality, positivity shines through everything :)

  3. flwrjane on

    Wow Erin I know it's such hard work that most of us couldn't do it.

    but you make it look so damn beautiful.

    xo Jane

  4. julie on

    beautiful glimpses into your amazing world. xxx

  5. Georgianna on

    What a wonderful story these photos tell, Erin. I love them all! I'm thrilled to be sharing in the adventure, even a little.

  6. Sweetgum Thursday on

    Looks like a very good week and very beautifully photographed. Best of luck and much continued success with the flowerfarming this year.

  7. Jen on

    What a glorious week. I would buy a book of those pictures!

  8. Heather on

    A thousand words unspoken but there none the less. Your children in the mud brings back such great memories of my own. What a great eye for beauty your husband has in capturing your beautiful spirit and your lifestyle.

  9. Lotta on

    What a lovely week you had!!! Your pic´s are so beautiful!!
    Have a good easter.
    Lotta from Sweden

  10. Laura on

    wow.. what a week… and I spent it putting flowers in vases.. but someone had to grown them…. thanks for all your hard work… and thanks for the pictures…

    love it …

  11. Terri on

    Love the chicks, ducklings and dirty kids! What a lotta' fun in the mud!

  12. Chelsea on

    That's the life all right! Mud fights are the very best!


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