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October 28th 2011

my true love, Sno Ho Doris

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What a terrible name for such a beautiful Dahlia! Sno Ho Doris embodies every wonderful trait you can hope for. She’s healthy, extremely productive,has tall strong stems and is the loveliest shade of peachy pink that everyone swoons over. If you have the space surely give this beauty a prominent spot in your garden :)

Here in the states tubers can be found at Dan’s Dahlias.








  1. megahrental on

    godd and nice aeticle! thanks for share!

  2. Weight Loss Supplements on

    Very sharp pictures. Which camera did you use to took these pictures. Never saw sno ho doris before so it was a treat watching your photos. Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures with everyone.
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  3. Heather on

    Oh those are beautiful! I love them, too. The color is delightful.

  4. julie on

    such a gorgeous colour – i just love dahlias. xxx

  5. flwrjane on

    I just asked for these dahlias today, my boss asked me the name and I said I don't know, the beautiful pink ones.

    Never would have guessed.

    xo Jane

  6. Shanti on

    I am getting ready to order dahlias for next year too – oh my the endless choices. I had good luck with Swan Island last year too. It's great to get a wholesale price. I have been looking for Cafe Au Lait and some of the other varieties you mentioned in your GFM article last year (robin hood, fatma) but haven't found them. Any suggestions?
    It is amazing the variability in dahlias. Some I loved for cutting and others I hated. Its great to have recommendations before investing! Thanks for all your help as always.

  7. Floret Flowers on

    webb i purchased many of my tubers from swan island. they do an excellent job! they also offer wholesale pricing for growers.min order is $250 and you must get a min. of 10 per variety. that is the way i go on most since i need large amounts and love the discount.

  8. webb on

    Erin, I need help. Am in the process of ordering dahlias for next year, and was thinking of ordering from Swan Island Dahlias. Their site is gorgeous, but am hesitant to spend lots o'dollars with an unknown (to me) entity. Do you have any experience with them? I shall check Dan's tho. Thanks.

  9. botanical brouhaha on

    GASP!! Oh my gosh…the beauty you share…it takes my breath away. Wow!


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