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November 3rd 2011

spice girls, alive and well

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These beauties while thriving and eating very heartily, haven’t been laying any eggs at all.Not a single brown orb in 3 weeks!

It’s so strange to have eggs on the grocery list and chicken food on the feed store list.

Ha! I do feel a bit foolish.

I am hoping that after all of the girls have molted (lost and regrown a new batch of feathers), they adjust to their new gourmet soy free 100% organic feed so lovingly created by Scratch and Peck Feeds and we suspend a light in their coop egg production will resume.

During this sad eggless time I have been trying everything I can think of to make them happy. From wheelbarrow loads of bug eaten apples and pears, to bags of leaf mold crawling with red wiggler worms, bowls and bowls of kitchen scraps and oyster shell, kelp meal and cracked corn. Hopefully this royal treatment will win them over and we’ll be eating fresh omelets once again :)

Ha,ha, don’t they looked kind mean?! Chickens, what strange creatures.


  1. Bethany Linz on

    Oh I love chooks! they may be funny creatures but they keep great company.

  2. Johanna Jane on

    Recently mine slowed down and for a lil over a month I had NO eggs!! Bummer. Then….surprise! 10 in 2 days from 4 chickens. Back in business!! Lol. Must be the time and weather change. They are happy, healthy chicka-roos. Yours will be back in the game in no time!

  3. wholelarderlove.com on

    Can you really buy gourmet soy free 100% organic feed? We feed our supplement grain but the rest is what they pick from the garden and kitchen scraps, which is mostly stuff that we've grown ourselves! Our chooks need a change over, They're getting on a bit, and the egg production is consistently dropping.

  4. Shanti on

    Honestly, a light is the best thing can do for egg production. Daylength is more important than temperature for laying. Not so different from some flowers! That's why naturally egg laying really picks up in the spring – you know Easter, lots of eggs . . .

  5. Julie on

    Honestly, two weeks ago I was begging my sisters to take eggs, and now–we're seeing some serious slowing down of production! My daughter, who is chicken mama to her six girls, is distraught, even though she knew it would happen. (She's been saving for a horse with her egg business. So far, she's earned $18. Whew.) ;-) I spent two hours on Tuesday chasing down one of our escapees, Roxanne, searching through the forest and our neighbors' back yards. (We live in a subdivision.) I think our chickens aren't such a secret anymore…and thankfully, I got Roxanne home before our daughter got off the school bus! Every day is an adventure…


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