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November 15th 2010

Marvelous Winter Squash!

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I am utterly obsessed with squash! I’ll admit it’s an odd fixation but their unique beauty has stolen my heart.
A few years ago I discovered Amy Goldman’s incredible book The Compleat Squash. If you don’t own it, this is one to add to your Christmas list! Amy and photographer Victor Schrager have done an outstanding job capturing the magic of these earthy beauties. Over the past few years we have grown over 45 of the 150 highlighted varieties . If I had my way I would have grown them all but since this is a flower farm, squash take a backseat to general production.

Chris holding a favorite, Triamble. If cured properly they can last 2-3 years!

Jasper is always a huge help at harvest time.


Laying out squash to cure in the hoophouse.



The harvest!

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  1. growingflowers on

    I love your photos – and love the squash as well! Thank you, also, for putting my blog on your link list!!! So sweet!
    Lots of love to you!


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