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November 15th 2010


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Hard to believe that these beauties are born from the small octopus shaped corms pictured below.

No bigger than a silver dollar, Raunuculus corms can produce up to ten flower stems each.

Planting 2,550

Now we must cross our fingers, hope everything goes well and patiently wait for spring.


  1. Shannon on

    Hi Erin,

    Where would you recommend to buy ranunculus corms now that yours are discontinued? Your ranunculus marshmellow are one of my favorites!

  2. Van Meeks on

    Hi! I discovered your blog last month & am going to start it from the beginning while keeping up with the latest & greatest. Not sure if you will see this but work a try! You may answer this later but how far apart do you space your ranunculus? 6feet? But it seems like you can get away with crowding them closer but probably not like tulips and such. Thanks for all that you do!


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