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November 19th 2019

International Specialty Seed Sources

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Since we first started selling specialty cut flower seeds in 2016, we have had the privilege of helping flower lovers all over the world grow the gardens of their dreams. Over the years, we’ve sent thousands of envelopes full of seeds bearing our signature YAY! stickers to Slovenia, South Africa, and so many far-flung locations across the globe that lack a local source for specialty seeds.

The European Union recently enacted regulations to ensure safe international trade, mitigate the impacts of climate change, and protect the health of European crops and forests. These new rules now require additional documentation and certifications for any seeds or plants that enter EU countries. While we understand and support the intent of these regulations, we have discovered that compliance will require complicated certifications that make our seeds cost prohibitive (a phytosanitary certification costs $125-150 USD) to ship to European gardeners. After an extensive review of the regulations and the time involved with the extra paperwork and inspections, we made the difficult decision to discontinue shipping Floret Seeds to the EU. As of November 12, 2019, Floret Seeds will no longer be shipped to countries in the European Union.

To help flower lovers outside the U.S. find seed sources closer to home, we have compiled the following list of seed suppliers. We created this list based upon suggestions provided by alumni of the Floret Online Workshop. Please note that inclusion in this list should not be considered as an endorsement by Floret and we created it purely as a courtesy to our international fans and followers.

If you have an international source for specialty flowers seeds that you think should be included in our list, please share your recommendation in the comments below and email us at: [email protected]


Australian Seed

The Climbing Fig


Jardin le Fleur

Lambley Nursery

Royston Petrie

The Seed Collection

Southern Harvest


Johnny’s Selected Seed

Renee’s Garden Seed

Stokes Seeds

Thompson & Morgan

West Coast Seeds

William Dam Seeds


B & T World Seeds

Breeder’s Seeds

Chiltern Seeds

Grace Alexander Flowers

Graines Voltz


Moles Seeds

Mr. Fothergill’s Seeds

Mulleer Seeds

Nicky’s Nursery

Plants of Distinction

Roger Parsons Sweet Peas


Sarah Raven




Swan Cottage Flowers

Thompson & Morgan


Vreeken’s Seeds


Floret Seed CollageNEW ZEALAND

Dr Keith Hammett

Egmont Seeds

Garden Post

Green Harvest Pacific

Kings Seeds

Owairaka Seeds


Seedlings India


Ball Straathof

Seeds for Africa



  1. Michelle on

    The best Canadian seed source I have come across is Edgebrook Farms. They have an amazing variety!

  2. Christina Campbell on

    So yet another good reason for us Brits to be out of the EU! So sad as I have a list waiting here to order…..but I do understand that its not financially viable for you. We will officially leave EU on 31 January 2020…so will you accept orders for seed to UK later in the year?

  3. Christine Demir on

    Hello Erin and team, what a fantastic resource.
    I live in Australia and have purchased your seeds previously as unable to find good sources in Australia. I have been and continue to be member of Diggers and Lambley for many years, though the newer seed providers I have not heard of. A very pleasant surprise.
    Thank you so much, for influencing so many to live their dream, embrace gardening and grow flowers. Your resources are amazing and you all touch so many lives to enrich them and bring a smile to many faces each day. So thank you!

  4. Alejandra Acosta on

    Hola soy sudamericana, de Argentina. Pueden enviar semillas para esta región?

    • Team Floret on

      Hola Alejandra,
      Podemos enviar libros y algunos otros productos del Floret Shop pero es dificil enviar semillas a otros regiones, incluso Argentina. Vamos a averiguar si es possible en el futuro, pero en este momento lamentablamente no podemos.

  5. Erin Hanson on

    In just checking their website, it seems Thompson & Morgan has delivered the same fate of unavailability to Canada as it has to the US.

  6. Ana on

    Oh! Thank you for the great list. I kept looking for a place to buy zinnia seeds, from EU. Just placed an order from chiltern seeds!


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