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January 26th 2011

Homeschool Style

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Some years back my Mom retold me the story of how she had taken the kids to this lovely rose garden in the city to play and in the process met a wonderful young mother and her two beautiful children whom Mom thought would make ideal playmates for the kids.

While the little ones bonded and played the two mothers sat and visited. A few minutes into the conversation this mother asked if  Elora and Jasper were home schooled. Here’s the part in the story where as a parent I began to feel really good, imagining that Elora had impressed her with her vocabulary and current reading list or how loving and gentle Jasper was for a little boy.


Ha,ha, ha…. Nope! She knew they were home schooled by their haircuts. Ouch! At the time I couldn’t see it but now looking back those little home bowl cuts were a dead giveaway.


Nowadays my Mom has taken over the job of keeping the kiddos well sheared. Jasper even has his own stylist Jenny, who gives him a “surfer do” and keeps him in sync with the fashionable city kids.

I miss the old days when the kids were so unaware and dorky. Well, come to think of it they may have stylish hair now but in all other areas they still stand out in a crowd. These two sports some pretty  fabulous outfits usually consisting of at least one piece of homemade flannel jammie’s, a slightly too small shirt, patched homemade pants, a stained jacket and muddy rubber boots. Pheew!
I hope they never get too cool and lose their “home school” style.

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  1. Shawni on

    This is so fabulous. :)


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