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May 4th 2011


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A surprise visit from our friend the sun made for a truly lovely evening. The kids roasted flower buds, mud and grass on their tiny camp fire while Chris and I prepped and planted more of the garden.


I have noticed that my outlook has been a bit less than positive this last little stretch and I’m working to change that. While farming is bloody hard work on so many levels it is also incredibly rewarding and filled to the brim with beauty and life! I really have nothing to complain about.


In the last 10 days we have tucked an astounding 13,000 seedling into their permanent homes. Pheew! My amazing friend Nina has been arriving far too early in the morning to help me make this happen. Fueled by coffee and laughter we have kicked some serious ass around these parts. Without her, I would certainly be buried!


The garden is finally coming to life. The first poppies have made their debut in the greenhouse. Eeeek! I have wanted to grow Temptress Poppies for YEARS and I can hardly contain my excitement over this beautiful new crop!!! Once I get to know them a bit better you’ll be properly introduced.

 The Sweet Peas are finally grabbing holding of their trellis, much later than I had expected but as soon as that happens they seem to explode!


Lilacs are also on the near horizon. I can’t wait to introduce you to them, hopefully next week!


I have a tiny wedding this weekend and am so excited to get to unleash a little creativity. Garden Roses arrived last night from Peter Kort Roses in Oregon, and in addition to blooms from our gardens I’ll also be scooping up a bunch of beauty from Choice Bulb Farms. Oooooh, I can’t wait!


In the words of my plant rep Tom, Make it a great day!

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