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May 5th 2011

The Best Kept Secret

Written by
Roses : Carmel Antique, Romantic Antique, Peach Peony,Peach Avalanche and Surprise.


There is a wonderful little flower farm in Portland Oregon, Peter Kort Roses, that grows the most magnificent Garden Roses around.

A super successful florist once told me you are only as good as your product sources. Well these guys are like a secret weapon for any designer.


Every time I call the sales people are so helpful, their boxes are meticulously packed, orders arrive promptly (for me often in less than 12 hours!), the flowers are of the highest quality I’ve seen anywhere, their prices are VERY fair and they are sustainably grown.

This little company has definitely got it going on!!!


When you bury your nose in these Roses, you don’t smell creepy chemicals, just sweet, sweet perfume.


In addition to Roses they also grow a wide range of Orchids, Lilies and Maidenhair fern.


Another bonus, and maybe the most important, these flowers are grown here in the states! So when you buy them, you are supporting a local, family run farm that is committed to growing the highest quality product and doing it responsibly. It doesn’t get much better that that!


I can’t wait to dive into this beauty and get to work!!!
East Coasters, you should really get to know them!


  1. M. on

    beauties :)

  2. Alice and Stuart on

    I have it bad for maidenhair fern; it was a must in my bridal bouquet :) those are some gorgeous flowers, whatever you're going to do with them will be magic. and if we ever get a big big wedding, we'll have to give these people a call. Thanks for the tip and also for your sweet note about smashing canning jars against a wall. I might have to try that.

  3. flwrjane on

    I'm checking them out immediately. Well really after this weekend:)

    xo Jane

  4. botanical brouhaha on

    Gorgeous roses and lush beautiful Maidenhair! You're right…an amazing grower can "make" your business :)

  5. bowstreetflowers on

    Our shipment from Rose Story Farm in California will be on our blog later today. I wonder what the price difference is? Those are really nice looking!

  6. Muddy Boot Dreams on

    Those are gorgeous roses, such beautiful soft colors. Maybe we Canadians should get to know them also. Sustainably grown is a lot better then chemicals….

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams


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