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January 15th 2015

Giveaway Winners Announced + Scholarship Application Reminder

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IMG_7330A huge thanks to everyone who shared their winter reading lists in the comment section of yesterday’s blog post.  I absolutely adored learning what fellow flower lovers around the world are reading.

The three winners of a copy of Fresh from the Field Wedding Flowers are: Martha Reed, Brianne Emhiser and Tamara Shevlin. Congratulations!

My own reading list definitely got a little longer after reading your submissions (And I confess I’m tad bit jealous of folks in the UK who have access to The Flower Farmers Year by Georgie Newbery, as it doesn’t seem to be available in the U.S. till later this year).  But, as much as I would love to curl up and dig into some of those great titles next week, I know will be busy reading Floret workshop scholarship applications!

As a reminder, the deadline to apply for a scholarship to attend one of our late season workshops is Saturday January 17 at 12 noon Pacific time.  You can find all the scholarship details and the link to the application form on my 2015 Floret Workshop Scholarship post.  Despite many temptations to peek at what we’ve  received so far, I’m holding off until all the applications are all in on Saturday.  I can’t wait!

Since announcing the scholarship, the September Farmer-Florist intensive has sold out and the August Floral Intensive has just a couple seats left.  The response has been absolutely amazing! Our in-box has also been flooded with sweet notes and kind words from folks who have participated in Floret workshops in the past.  I particularly loved the Instagram post by Erika Stephens  (@junesblooms) that reads:

“I was able to take the #farmerfloristworkshop last September after saving and debating for two years.  This was one of the best investments I have ever made.  I had struggled for a good amount of time with the value of growing flowers versus food.  I felt somehow that my overwhelming desire to grow flowers was not entirely acceptable.  That I was not feeding the community and therefore wasting energy and space.  During the workshop I was opened in a way that I find very hard to put into words.  My heart felt so full and accepted.  To be around other people who have completely given their lives and loves to flowers was…well a moment of realization for me.  I am helping to feed people’s souls. The world needs more flowers and art.  I encourage any of you to apply for this amazing opportunity.  I would myself like to attend another of Floret’s workshops…again and again.  Here’s to wishing you all luck and magic.”

Karin Woodward from Seventh Hand Farm and Haute Horticulture recently penned a two-part blog post about her experience at our workshop last year, including lots of behind the scenes photos.

With just a few days left to apply for the scholarship, I strongly encourage you to take a leap of faith and sit down and fill out your application.

You are so worth it!


  1. georgie newbery on

    Dear Erin,

    Thanks so much for mentioning The Flower Farmer’s Year. I really appreciate your support. I’m putting a copy in the post for you now.

    BEST wishes,

    Georgie Newbery
    Common Farm Flowers

  2. Zola on

    Hi Erin,
    Discovered your beautiful Wedding Flowers book via the library, and was excited to watch the instructional videos. However, the DVD didn’t work–said “disc error” every time I inserted it into my player, and when I tried to find the videos through the links on vimeo, they were non-existent. Any idea as to why?
    Thanks so much.

  3. Katie Horner on

    The last words of this post are everything, Erin. Thank you for helping people believe in their own self worth!

  4. Sharon B on

    While filling out the application for the scholarship for your workshop, somehow the send button was tapped before I completed the form. I sent in a second form to finish off the last question. Hope that didn’t confuse the application. Sorry.

  5. Virginia on

    Georgie’s book is available from Amazon. Got mine Wednesday!

  6. Karate on

    Karin’s blog posts were really interesting – it’s great to see the behind the scenes. I zipped out to the library and picked up five books because of that last post. Haha. When I’ll read them with a baby attached to me at all times.. I don’t know.

    • VillageKid on

      Oh I did too, but only three as I am waiting for the flower year book IF I cannot get a buddy to send it to me before it is released here!!

  7. Trina Coombes on

    Georgie Newbery’s book is very good in helping a new flower farmer to get started.


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