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January 14th 2015

Giveaway: Fresh from the Field Wedding Flowers

Written by

On cold, dark winter days like today, I try desperately to get caught up on my reading lists and other to-do’s. Since so much of the year is devoted to physical labor around the farm, I savor this brief window of down time. I love the rare indulgence of cozying up on the couch with a fire roaring, a strong cup of coffee and a good book.

Most of my shelves are filled with business and marketing books alongside dozens of gardening and organic farming books. Among the many flower-focused books in my collection is little volume released last year, Fresh from the Field Wedding Flowers.

Fresh from the Field Wedding Flowers

I was honored to have the opportunity to collaborate with Lynn Byczynski, author of the The Flower Farmer and editor of Growing for Market, on the project.  Lynn put so much time, effort and thought into creating a guide to support the local flower movement and the growing number of brides seeking to use local, seasonal and sustainable flowers for their wedding.

8359434326_20f662201d_hThe 112-page book is specifically geared towards:

*DIY brides and eco-conscious couples committed to having a greener wedding celebration; and

*Flower farmers and passionate gardeners seeking to develop basic floral design skills in order to utilize their flowers in essential wedding elements

This little book is loaded with photos of wedding bouquets utilizing local, seasonal flowers grown and designed by fellow farmer-florists including Blue Cloud Farm, Buckeye Blooms and Alaska Stems.

5405076466_050047c670_bThe book is available from Growing for Market or as an e-book for the iPad, Kindle and Nook. Both the e-book and the print version of the book include:

*Photo essays and practical tips for using locally grown flowers for DIY weddings

*Tips for calculating the number of flowers you’ll need for essential floral elements

*A list of flowers and foliage that is great to grow and use in wedding florals

*PLUS a bonus disc containing 75-minutes of video tutorials where I demonstrate how to create a classic European hand-tied bouquet, a large altar arrangement, a lush centerpiece and a corsage and boutonniere.

120712-303-2Fresh from the Field Wedding Flowers is a solid resource for flower farmers and serious gardeners who are considering dipping a toe into the wedding business. It is also great for farmer-florists who offer flowers by the bucket.  The book paired with bulk flowers can constitute a complete DIY flower package for brides and party hosts wishing to create their own floral arrangements.

Erinphoto-6Today  I’m delighted to raffle off –THREE–copies of the book!

To enter, simply submit a comment to this post and share what’s on your winter reading list.  I’ll randomly choose three winners and announce them here on the blog tomorrow. Good luck–and happy reading!


  1. Teemie Eschenburg on

    Hello Erin,
    reading all I can find by Constance Spry, vintage reads on floral design. Hope to be selected to recieve your offering and hope to meet you soon. Blessings to you and yours. Teemie

  2. Jill Hunt-Thompson on

    I’m a regular reader of your posts finding inspiration for my small part-time floral design business with my friend. I would love to have a copy of your book and learn more…
    Reading now–Boys in the Boat, floral designer and gardening blogs. and a lot of work-related journals. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  3. Jennai on

    I am reading The Flower Recipe Book by Alethea Harampolis. I love flower arranging and this book is amazing!

  4. VillageKid on

    I totally enjoy reading all the books others are already reading…which gave me a few more to add to my already HUGE pile of books to catch up on.

    This little book is great Erin, although I only got to fly through it when I got it this summer. Those who won are going to LOVE it.

    More detailed reading of this gem is on my list….thanks for all the efforts you two great ladies put into writing it!

  5. Jenny on

    between working part time, catching up in the house on projects, being my kids chauffeur to hockey, karate, youth events and babysitting, I am pouring over seed catalogs trying to rein myself in from buying it all and yet dreaming of the day when I can. Your blog and anyone linked to yours, along with searching for as many Ontario based flower farmer to be able to ask questions and see there operations.
    Hope I’m not too late and yet who ever is chosen Congrtulations on what would be a great asset to my library!

  6. Diane Walker on

    The Flower Recipe Book and seed catalogs for sure. Great distractions from work related product documentation. I think I need more distraction!

  7. Erin on

    I’m a multiple book reader, so at the moment I’m working through:
    – Game
    – The Big Burn
    – Edible Landscaping
    I also aspire to read one if Jane Austen’s novels, we’ll see how that goes.

    I’m getting married this summer and this sounds like the perfect reference for doing my own flowers. (I’m obsessed with your creations, it just wasn’t in the budget, I want you to know I really value what you do!) Anyway thanks for sharing! If I don’t win I’ll have to add it to my list!

  8. Jill Mohn on

    Fresh From the Field Wedding Flowers intrigues me! It looks like a beautiful book w/ much useful information. Great job! I do a lot of reading…. MAGAZINES. Short and sweet and visual. I have three issues of Inspire Magazine on their way and Flower Magazine is my absolute favorite. Anything to feed my senses.

  9. Valerie on

    I am re-reading my Flower Farmer book, Cool Flowers, and my seed catalog from Geo. Oh how I would love this book and learn more about wedding flowers and how to hand tie bouquets!

  10. Leah on

    I’m reading “3 Cups of Tea” and “The Flower Recipe Book”, a short list so theres plenty of room for more!!

  11. Susan on

    Converting some of our vegetable beds into flower beds and want the best selections for sustainable, local flowers for arrangements. Thank you for offering these books to your fans!

  12. Gail on

    Whilst I’m normally reading some sort of gardening book or dragging my organic gardening magazine on the train for my morning commute they have been put aside the last few weeks. I have just finished reading the Last Nizam as I am about to jet off on a holiday to India so trying to get a feel for the culture and place. Would love to own a copy of this book to add to my small but growing flower book collection :)

  13. Renee on

    I love the book The Flower Farmer! It has been my “go-to” book for flower farming :)

  14. Kirsten on

    Right now I’m reading Joel Salatin’s ‘Folks this Ain’t Normal’. After that I’ll probably read Jean-Martin Fortier’s ‘The Market Gardener’.

  15. Darcy Maloney on

    I am currently reading The Cross Gardener and every wedding magazine and website I can get my hands on – go figure!

  16. Carroll Anne Candler on

    This winter my husband and I are reading The Flower Farmer in preparation for our first year as a flower farm. We have hopes to eventually get into floral design as well and this book is definitely on my wish list!

  17. Katie Moore on

    Current reading list includes: The Language of Flowers, Cold Tangerines, and of course your blog :-).

  18. Lindsey H on

    Wow, so many people devotedly reading up on flowers! I have browsed thru the Baker Creek heirloom seed catalog, but ain’t done dreaming yet ;) and I got some L.M. Montgomery books for Christmas.

  19. Sian on

    oh what a lovely book! I have a very small plot been given to me, so reading lots of ‘grow your own flowers’ !!! Would love a copy of your book to compliment the flowers once they arrive!

  20. Chelsey Christensen on

    I have heard such great things about this book! I’m reading Cool Flowers and Specialty Cut Flowers.

  21. Elisabeth Bromley on

    Hi Erin, I would love a copy of the book! I’m a clueless amateur when it comes to gardening and flower arranging, but I dream of one day living on a country property and growing flowers, and dare I say selling them too. Right now I’m reading “Calm the Crying” by Priscilla Dunstan, and trying to figure out my 2 month old using her brilliant baby language. I try to get my hands on anything to do with gardening and flowers that I can from the local library. I’ve been working my way slowly through your recommended reading list from what I can find at the library. Of course I read your blog, and any other flower farming blog I can find. Thank you for providing such a wonderful glimpse into your world. It’s been a refreshing escape from the frigid, snowy Canadian winter here in Ontario, both this winter and last when I discovered and devoured your blog.

  22. Julie on

    Floret Farmer Blog!!
    Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine
    The Flower Farmer
    Blogging for Creatives – Robin Houghton
    The Handmade Marketplace – Kari Chapin

  23. Vickey Lineberry on

    Just finished reading The Best Yes and I would LOVE to start reading Fresh from the Field Wedding Flowers next! Looks like a wonderful read with tons of inspiration!

  24. Amanda Welch on

    I pulled out some old favorites this year, Mrs. Greenthumbs Plows Ahead (always worth some good laughs and reminder of the basics to a great perennial garden). And . .every year I pull out my all time favorite Martha Stewart Gardening – Month by Month. I love it and can never get enough.

  25. Ruth Taylor on

    Always look forward to reading about your life on the other side of the pond!
    Just manage a few lines from The 10 minute gardener, before falling asleep?

  26. Evik on

    With the help translate your blog. In the books of floristry seeking new inspiration for next season. The new plant catalogs – a pity that the garden is not inflatable. And when I have time so nice detective. Have a quiet winter Eva from Czech Republic

  27. Helen Hartman on

    I’m poring over seed catalogs and reading birdsscaping in the Midwest. I love your stunning bouquets.

  28. Glenda on

    For Christmas I received the Flower Farmer and I have been enjoying it every day since.

  29. Rachel on

    Seed catalogs. And more seed catalogs. You seriously give the best give aways!

  30. Allysha on

    I just ordered a few books on botanical dying. I’m always intrigued to learn ways I can further stretch the garden’s bounty. I’d be delighted to own Fresh From The Field Wedding Flowers. Thanks for the chance.

  31. Martha Reed on

    Well, even though I’m late to this party, I HOPE to read this giveaway book, especially since I just learned here that Kim of Blue Cloud Farms is included! I just had the pleasure of meeting Kim at the ASCFG conference. She’s one of the few flower farmers who lives close to me.
    At the moment, I am reading The Well Considered Garden by Mrs. Francis King and have coming in the mail soon, the late Peg Moran’s book An Acre Plus. And never far from my side, Alan Armitage and Judy Laushman’s Specialty Cut Flowers!

  32. Jackie on

    I just started Lynn’s “The Flower Farmer”! It is so nice. We had been looking for it online to purchase, then randomly found it at a used bookstore on a small vacation in the Shenendoah Valley. I’m also working through Second Nature by Michael Pollan, but as others have commented we are trying to get seeds started and moving to acreage in the spring! Whew. First solo floral wedding floral gig is mid summer this year. I need all the recommended literature I can get.

  33. Lynne Gunn on

    Along with everyone else many seed catalogues, but also included is the flower farmers year and the encyclopedia of organic gardening. Plus of many articles on the web. Actually there is just not enough time!

  34. kate swift on

    I’m trying to catch up on my back issues of Gardens Illustrated, and get all my plug and seed ordering done for 2015

  35. Karen Geiser on

    On my stack are books on bone broth, medicinal herbs and aromatherapy. And of course, seed catalogs and I’m going for the most fragrant flower options this season: )

  36. Emma Whicher on

    IF I can’t be out there in the garden! Its a book about the History of Gardening here in the UK.. all my garden design books, veg books, recipe books on how to cook my own veg, and well even a little bit of Beatrix Potter and the famous Peter Rabbit!

  37. Diane Faulkner cawley on

    winter reading list consists of…
    seed catalogues
    clipped gardening magazine articles
    re*read the language of flowers
    aaand the gardener of Versailles bio.

    happy thursday!

  38. Peter on

    Love your flowers Floret! I’m currently reading “an unhurried life” by Alan Fadling.

  39. Heather S on

    I am currently reading, Close Your Eyes, Gone Girl and The Nourished Kitchen.

  40. Sarah Moore on

    So excited about this new book from you! I would love to add it to my must-read pile! I’m currently reading The Hardest Peace by Kara Tippets but Sarah Raven’s books are next on the list!

  41. Hilary James on

    This book is on top of my list and I cannot wait for it to arrive. I also enjoy reading The Language of Flowers. I work within a walled garden and we provide wedding flowers straight from the plot.

  42. Phoebe on

    I’m reading and being inspired by Sarah Raven’s “The Cutting Garden”

  43. Rachel Marie on

    I would love this book! I am reading the Hobbit! I want to put this flower book on my coffee table.

  44. Zoe on

    Currently on my bed stand: The Organic Rose Primer by Orin Martin, Elliot Coleman’s Hoophouse Handbook and a sweet Cowboy novel, Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry (highly recommended).

  45. Wendy on

    I’m reading Peace Like a River. Love your amazing flowers, love your amazing book.

  46. Peter on

    Love your flowers Floret. They are da’ bomb! I’m reading “an unhurried life” by Alan Fadling. A great encouragement and challenge to the fast paced lifestyle we can so easily get stuck in.


  47. Sarah Carrier on

    Winter reading list: seed catalogs! Would love to read this and watch the videos. Thanks!

  48. Mandy on

    I’m new to the wonderful world of Floret, and cheers to your generosity!
    Re-reading ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’. And this book looks like a good read-thanks for sharing!

  49. Jamie Cross on

    A very old & many times read copy of a quilting book passed on to me by a sweet co-worker..and have found myself thumbing through Alabama Gardener’s Guide by Jennifer Greer..and, of course, the Botanical Interests seed catalog (every few days) for pure temptation’s sake!

  50. Carolyn on

    How timely! My short list is “Fresh from the Field Wedding Flowers”, “The Flower Recipe Book”, and a sweet little mystery by John Sherwood “A Botanist at Bay.”

  51. Angela on

    What a wonderful addition to any grower, designer, DYIer or flower lover’s library!! I am finishing up Terry Silber’s “A Small Farm in Maine” and always re-reading Stanley Kunitz’s “The Wild Braid – A Poet Reflects on a Century in the Garden”. So magical!

  52. Gretchen on

    My current reads are The Mission of Motherhood and Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. Oh, along with daily reads like The Little Engine That Could, Katy and the Big Snow, Blueberries for Sal, etc!

  53. Ana N. on

    I am reading: “Bowie”, by Simon Critchley and after that might read “Super Sad True Love Story”, by Gary Shteyngart, which was recommended to me. :)

  54. Katelyn on

    I just recently found your website and blog, and have been maniacally scribbling notes for days on end! What a blessing to have your hard earned knowledge as a valuable resource at our fingertips! Thank you! My reading list this month is: blogs, Facebook cut flower groups, seed catalogs, The Flower Farmer and The 50 Mile Bouquet. Would love to have this to add to my library!

  55. Marina on

    Just digging in to The Garden Primer (not for the first time) to start on plans for my garden this year in which I will be adding cut flowers to our veggie patch!

  56. Tracy on

    I usually have a stack of books that I’m reading but this time year it’s all seed catalogs and now your blog.

  57. Leslie on

    I don’t know if this is still going on at this late hour. Hopefully this will be on my reading list. This looks like a fantastic little resource. Currently I’m reading The 50 Mile Bouquet. Interesting so far. Good luck to everyone in the give away!

  58. Katie on

    This book sounds ideal as I try to DIY my wedding bouquets this May! Currently trying to stay sane by reading A Practical Wedding! Wish me luck! :)

  59. Cindy on

    Just finished Unbroken and starting The Kite Runner with my book club of 13years! Thanks for a chance to win a beautiful book. I would enjoy it and then give it to my beautiful daughter who works for a wholesale flower shop and designs flowers for events on the weekend?

  60. Paula on

    Currently reading a book called Simplify. One of my goals this year is to say no to things that don’t align with my goals, core, or vision. It can be hard because I get a lot of bees in my bonnet, but helping to Simplify my life is essential to my success, so I can see more clearly. Love your work and heart!

  61. Vickie on

    Such a fun giveaway! I’m currently getting my flower fix from the 50 Mile Bouquet and the Plant Recipe. My food fix from Paleo Pattiserie and my fiction fix from Gray Mountain. Loving all of them!

  62. Terry Osborn on

    Lots of gardening, flower blogs and seed catalogs.

  63. Stephanie Vasquez on

    I am currently reading two books by Francine Rivers, Her Mother’s Hope and A Daughter’s Dream. I love designing bouquets for my brides and wish I lived in WA to attend your conferences. I’d be honored to have your book to read and learn.

  64. Katie on

    The Flower Farmer, and just downloaded 2 more books tonight from Amazon. :)

  65. Terri Wood on

    To win this would be a treat! I am sifting through seed catalogs and The Plant Recipe Book – a gift from a recent bride! Thanks for your generosity.

  66. Krystal Chang on

    I just finished Lila by Marilynne Robinson (amazing!), am currently reading The Unspeakable by Meghan Daum and The New American Herbal, and the next ones on the list are To The Lighthouse (long overdue!) and Constance Spry’s Art of Arranging Flowers!

  67. Ashley on

    The Language of Flowers, again and Yes Please.

  68. Cheryl W. on

    During the past month, we have been going through seed catalogs.

  69. Marlys on

    i want to read Goldfinch and Middlesex.

  70. Caroline Radice on

    my winter reading list has mostly been a giant stack of seed catalogues. during the long summer work days i fantasize about being able to sit in the bathtub and read seed catalogues, and that’s what i’ve been doing!

  71. Madgie on

    rereading The Flower Farmer (as I do every January!) and hoping to read this next!

  72. Carolyn Camp on

    An American Cutting Garden, and The Flower Farmer.

    • Margit Van Schaick on

      The market gardener by Fortier: so well-written, lots of great ideas, practical and inspirational.

  73. Sarah J on

    What an awesome giveaway! I’m currently reading All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr. Also on my winter reading list are two new-to-me cookbooks: River Cottage Veg by Hugh Fearnley- Whittingstall and Plenty More by Yotam Ottolenghi. At some point, I also hope to start Barbara Kingsolver’s latest novel, Flight Behavior. Winter is a great time for reading; I love being curled by with a good book.

  74. Rach on

    I’m in college so I’m reading a lot of Modern Drama and my favorite, The Importance of Being Earnest

  75. Ciel on

    I’m reading The Drunken Botanist, The Heart of an Artichoke, and The Cutting Garden. I’m looking for great business-growing books as well!

  76. Linda on

    Hello Erin,
    Yes pleassseee! This book is on my need-to-have list :)
    I’m currently reading The Flower Receipe Book & Language of Flowers

  77. Kelsey on

    I’m currently reading The Dirty Life, by Kristin Kimball! A fun spotlight on one woman’s farming journey.

  78. Christina L on

    I have been reading about hydroponics in a greenhouse and Seed Catalogs trying to figure out which Sunflower pro-cut to order to grow for Wedding arrangements.

  79. Rachel on

    Catching up on blogs and reading up on veggie cooking and local flowers! I’m loving River Cottage Everyday for a British take on local and healthy cooking and the Flower Recipe Book for some seasonality. Also reading the whole of My New Roots blog. I highly recommend it!

  80. Quinn on

    I’m reading Catch-22!

  81. erin on

    I’m just finishing Sycamore Row by John Grisham and just picked up Gail Sheehy’s memoir at the library. I am also reading through all the gardening articles I’ve cut out of magazines over the years as I’m redoing my garden so I will have more flowers to brighten my day and share with others. I have found a whole new reading list just reading the comments to this post.

  82. Jane on

    Busy, busy, busy reading: The Flower Farmer, Market Gardening Success, Two of Sarah Raven’s books, The Cutting Garden and Grow your Own Cut Flowers and your wonderful pamphlets on dahlias, sweet peas and foliage! This is my first year and i am geowing the flowers for my niece’s wedding so your offer is especially coveted! Thank you for providing so much information on your website. I think that is a never ending read! Always new information to be found.

  83. Priscilla Chambers on

    Hi, I am currently reading to have & to hold magical wedding bouquets by David Stark And Avi Adler.
    I would love to get my hands on this book. Love being inspired!

  84. Carolyn on

    I have just finished The Glass Castle – a wonderful memoir by Jeanette Walls – I had to read this with my teenage son as part of a High School English project – unfortunately he got the due date wrong by a couple of weeks and it meant I was doing a lot of late night reading & on my work lunch break to get done in time! – but now that’s completed I am back to my normal pace of reading a few pages before I keel over and fall asleep. Reading “Grow your own cut flowers” by Sarah Raven & Back yard Goat preparing for the arrival of our two baby Pygmy Goats next month. A busy spring ahead and I can’t wait.

  85. melanie benson on

    Seed catalogues, rose catalogues, dahlia catalogues, and novels are my reading material at the moment. I seem to be giving the library a real workout this winter.

  86. ADuarte on

    My winter reading list consists of all my music textbooks for the semester and the latest Martha Stewart’s Weddings!

  87. Anne Anderson on

    Oh wow. THIS book is on my reading list! please oh please oh please!!!!!!

  88. Alison Graham on

    I’m reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s Signature of All Things which is full of botanical delights as well as Donna Tart’s Little Friend.

  89. Nancy Forster on

    Should be reading ‘Brave New World’ by Aldous Huxley for book club – we decided to go for a classic. However I keep getting sidetracked by seed catalogues!!

  90. Leslie on

    Dreaming in seed catalogs galore, this lovely book would be such a welcome sight to put all of my dreamy flowers together that I am hoping to grow! YAY!

  91. Violet Maddox on

    I just got my copy in the mail the other day and can’t wait to read it & watch the video!

  92. Ann Howell Bullard on

    Hmm… Winter reading list is “Thr Glass Castle” by Jeanette Walls!

  93. Heather O on

    The Backyard Orchardist…but I’m adding a bunch more to my list after reading all of the comments!

  94. Phoebe Wood-Ingram on

    What a great list of books everyone is reading! I’m fitting in some bulb catalogues and the inspiring ‘Celebrations’ by Saskia Havekes. I’m really excited by the propect of slowly converting my mainly vegetable and fruit garden into a flower producing hotspot!

  95. Connie Homerick on

    My winter reading list includes…..The Flower Farmer (re-reading) and also educating myself on woody cuts by reading Woody Cut Stems for Growers and Florists.

  96. Randi on

    Hi Erin! What a fantastic giveaway! Purchasing The fresh from the field flower book is on my to do list for the winter! I am an urban flower farmer with a big dream and I feel I learn so much from your blog and articles in growing for market! My list of winter reading includes, seed magazines, mother earth news, nat Geo magazine, and Michael Pollan’s latest “Cooked” ! Thank you for having this wonderful blog, you are such an inspiration!!!

  97. Jenn Henry on

    My nightstand has a stack with the following- Grow your Handmade Business, Grow your Own Cut Flowers, An RHS Magazine Issue on Hippeastrums, Multiple seed catalogs and Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet.

    • Jen on

      Amy Poehler YES PLEASE for some much needed comic relief :)

  98. Brianne Emhiser on

    So hoping you pick me! I am just about finished with Elizabeth Gilbert’s new book “Signature of all Things”. Then on to John Cleese’s autobiography “So, Anyway”.

  99. Allison lunde on

    I don’t have anything on reading list right now. But I would for sure read this book!!

  100. Whitney on

    I’m currently immersed in a Margaret Atwood spree and Ida Bennett’s “The Flower Garden: A Handbook of Practical Garden Lore”.

  101. Linda Martin on

    Notes from my old garden journals, “California Gardens”by Dobyns, “The Garden at Highgrove” by Prince Charles, and of course seed catalogs.

  102. Casey on

    I’m staring right now at a stack of books; among them are some of the popular favourites listed above like The Flower Farmer, The Cutting Patch and The Flower Recipe Book, and there are some more academic texts like the RHS Encyclopaedia of Plants and Flowers and The Wildflower Key. Then there’s another stack right beside the first composed of notebooks filled with ideas, drawings, plant lists and seed selections. Reading is great…but so is writing. I would love nothing more than to add your book to the top of the stack.

  103. Carolyn on

    On my night stand I currently have The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls – excellent memoire – had to read with my 16 year old son as part of a HS English project – the pressure was on to read more than two pages a night without falling asleep which is my usual reading habit. I am now reading Grown your Own Cut Flowers by Sarah Raven & The Back Yard Goat – preparing for our two Pygmy goats arrival next month.

  104. Margaret Thorson on

    Mostly reading seed catalogues at this time. But I’m also spending the winter working my way through the 35 books of the Morland Dynasty by Cynthia Harrad-Eagles about a family in Yorkshire from 1450 to the 20th century. I love historical fiction.

  105. Sam Bond on

    On my bedside table currently for reading: The secrets of happy families, Bruce Feiler and The Flower Farmers Year, Georgie Newbery. I’ve tried downloading your book but am living in Australia and have issues with iTunes stores so can’t! (It’s very frustrating!)

  106. Ariana on

    I’m currently working my way through the Harry Potter series and am on book four. It’s nice to get lost in an imaginary world every once and a while. Have a great week! :)

  107. Mary Knight on

    I’m reading Pushing the Limits – a Kurt Fearnley biography. Kurt is an Australian wheelchair athlete who has accomplished so much. A great story about what you can achieve when you believe in yourself and put your mind to it. Even if it scares the hell out of you!

  108. Kelsey on

    I’m reading all about seed systems in developing worlds, mostly Africa!

  109. kristin on

    in the car: the signature of all things, by elisabeth gilbert
    on the nightstand: all the light we cannot see, by anthony doerr
    blessings of a skinned knee, by wendy mogel
    shameless promotion: carnival at bray, by jessie ann foley-finalist for the morris award for YA fiction and published by my husband :)

  110. Karate on

    Wow! So many things. I’ve just placed a few old (1910s) Japanese flower arranging books on hold, but I’m currently reading ‘Delusions of Gender’ by Cordelia Fine. I’ve restated it about ten times – is really interesting, but I’m just so tired all the time it’s hard to focus.

  111. Sarah Curry on

    I am currently reading nursing advancement books. I love your Instagram posts & would be very interested in spicing up my reading list this winter (as well as my coffee table)!

  112. anndrea on

    Oooh yes please!!! I agree with Claire…reading books is a luxury right now but who wouldn’t be stoked on this book?!? I would find time!!!

  113. Dana on

    I don’t have anything in my winter reading pile! I would love to have this for inspiration and motivation. Thank you!

  114. Cindy on

    Currently reading Sustainable [R]evolution, grow your own cut flowers by Sarah Raven.

  115. Stephanie on

    I’m new to flower arranging, so I’m currently reading “The Flower Recipe”!

  116. Sarah on

    I am currently reading the Outlander series and I am obsessed…Happy Wednesday from Boston!

  117. Dana on

    I have nothing in my winter reading pile! Help! This would be perfect for some inspiration & motivation :)

  118. CRB on

    Currently reading:
    The Ways of Flowers
    A gajillion different seed catalogs
    The Organic Farmer’s Business Handbook
    The Organic Rose Garden
    I’d love to be sitting by a roaring fire right now! Here it’ll be 70 degrees tomorrow…

  119. Mariana Symecko on

    I am reading “Slow Flowers” by Debra Prinzing and loving it! :) Have a great week, Erin and Floret!

  120. Heather on

    I’m reading Yes Please by the lovely Amy Poehler! I am also doing a lot of reading for school which includes Graphic Design and Social Media Design! Fun, fun!

  121. Kelly on

    Currently in the pile – cool flowers, the fire starter sessions, and braiding sweetgrass. would love to add your book!

  122. Mara on

    On my winter read list… many seed and perennial catalogs… 50Mile Bouquet and American Cutting Garden…along with some mindless fiction reads.

  123. Marina Gurgel Prado on

    I’m reading the Flower Recipe by Studio Choo (but it’s not a winter reading as it’s a very hot summer here in Brazil :) )

  124. Tamara on

    Currently reading “All The Light We Cannot See” by Anthony Doerr. Next up are “The Signature of All Things” by Elizabeth Gilbert, and “Coop: A Year of Poultry, Pigs, and Parenting” by Michael Perry.

    Would love to win this book!

  125. Eileen on

    Hi Erin, I am reading the the Wreath Recipe Book and the Market Gardener. Would love to read Fresh From the Field Wedding Flowers next!

  126. Brooke Vigo on

    I love reading Fleur Creatif , it’s Deco edition has just been released

  127. Sarah Wasemiller on

    I would love it!! Right now I’m reading The Flower Recipe Book.

  128. Jean Boddie on

    Besides your handy “how to grow” publications I’m fighting the Asheville cold with the Arnosky’s “We’re Gonna Be Rich!” – hoping it will rub off on me one day!

  129. Karen T. on

    Currently re-reading old issues of Growing for Market, while also finding inspiration in a Julia Child binge. On the flower front every winter I try to borrow Tasha Tudors Garden from our local library. I’ll also check out Cool Flowers at Vermont’s NOFA conference book table and perhaps splurge, while also taking a look at Jean Martin Fortiers book titled something to the effect of “Six Figure Market Gardening.” Winter’s quiet seems to be rushing by! Sending in our Johnny’s order next week.

  130. Caroline Hewett on

    With florist-fingers still recovering from the endless Christmas wreaths, I must be mad but I am now reading about year-round wreaths in ‘Living Wteaths’ by Natalie Bernhisel Robinson and the lovely Wreath Recipe Book by Studio Choo … whilst waiting for the paperwork to be completed on our new plot … ready and ripe for planting with cut flowers!

  131. Hannah on

    Just finished reading The Glass Castle — could not put it down! Next up, rereading Lewis’s Space Trilogy.

  132. Tanja on

    I’m reading ”Blomstrande idéer” (2010), ”Dekorera vackert” (2012) , Dekorera kreativt och personligt (2014) by swedish inspirational Minna Mercke Schmidt. Love from a swedish fan!

    • VillageKid on

      Oh I went exploring those titles…what a treasure trove there is in your neck of the woods!!

  133. HC Metcalf on

    Would be thrilled to turn the pages of YOUR book. I am currently reading “Below” by Meg McKinlay…a book my daughter brought home, but intrigued me with its premise.

  134. clare james on

    Hiding from the sweltering sun (summer in Australia) i am reading poetry by Mary Oliver, the Diggers Club seed catalog. The rest of the time I’m picking beautiful flowers,vegies and fruit from my bountiful summer garden. X

    • VillageKid on

      Oh I KNOW I should spend the ‘winters’ there ;-)

  135. Erica on

    Seed catalogs! Dreaming of a quickly approaching spring

  136. Kendra on

    Currently reading: “Yes Please” by Amy Poehler, “#GIRLBOSS” by Sophia Amoruso, and “The Flower Recipe Book” from Studio Choo. I would love to add this book to my collection!

  137. Brandi on

    The Judith Blacklock Encyclopedia of Flower Design

  138. Victoria on

    With university starting up again, in an attempt to keep calm I’ve been rereading the Hobbit. This would be a wonderful book to read as I daydream of the future and attempt to help my friends plan their weddings! Pumped about the video, too. This is amazing!

  139. Melanie Harrington on

    I have an entire room in my house dedicated to books, floor to ceiling shelves, a big comfy chair and nothing else. What a wonderful sanctuary, especially in the winter. My reading list is long…I am currently re-reading ‘The Flower Farmer’, and the seed catalogues have taken over my dining room table. Cheryl Strayed is on my nightstand, and it would be so grateful to add ‘Fresh From The Field’ to my book obsession. I so love the blog and the new ‘This week on the farm’ series. Keep it coming :)

  140. Emily Madara on

    I’ve been crop planning and looking through loads of seed catalogs while reading Jean-Martin Fortier’s The Market Gardener. Non-farm related: Toni Morrison’s Beloved (dark subject matter, but stunningly written and such a compelling story) and Paul Hawken’s The Magic of Findhorn. Cheers for cozy, winter reading!

  141. Laurie Parkison on

    My winter reading list includes “Beyond Snapshots” by Rachel Devine, “Essentialism: the Disciplined Pursuit of Less,” (Gotta get my priorities in order!) and of course the David Austin catalog. Just love soaking in the beauty and dreaming of my summer roses.

  142. Andrea Owen on

    Dreaming big of becoming a flower farmer someday. This book would be great to add to my library.

  143. Shari D on

    Reading Brene Brown’s Daring Greatly and a memoir, Space by Jessie Lee Kercheval.

  144. Cecile on

    Currently reading modern ️calligraphy but I adore flowers and your work is so elegant!

  145. Peri whitehead on

    it’s summer here in australia, so lazy days reading on the beach. Currently reading, Australian flower industry newsletters

  146. Lauren wiebe on

    Oh, this would be a wonderful addition to my winter reading list! I’d especially love to see that flower calculator for how many stems I need – I always over order!

  147. Nicole Campbell on

    Oh my gosh! I have been pineing after this book since last year along with many others! I am just finishing up The Flower Farmer and this would be a great transition from that knowledge to learning new designs and ways to execute. I also just read The Rule of Four, its been on my list forever, and I decided to finally crack it open….haha only to not put it down until it was done! Give me flower/gardening/cook books and anything like a Da Vinci Code inspired book and I’m a happy camper! PS. I am envious of the roaring fire ;-)

  148. Marina on

    This winter reading list includes The Flower recipe book and The wreath recipe book by Studio Choo

  149. Karen on

    I’ve had my eye on this book for a while! Must get it! Right now I’m reading business development of farms. Not NEARLY as fun…

  150. Candice on

    Dave Austin rose catalogue, the art of eating, the art spirit

  151. Elisabeth Schwarck on

    You really are sweet andgenerous, Erin.
    I spend my evenings covered in woolen blankets in the couch in front of the fire with a cup of tea and dreaming about how I am going to turn my 5 hectare plot of land, into my very own fantasy.
    These books spark those dreams: “Tasha Tudors garden”, “Tasha Tudors private World”, some danish gardening books including a huge one filled with dreamy greenhouses, ” A kitchen in France – A year of cooking in my farmhouse” by Mimi Thorisson ( have already cooked several dishes and they were so good!), books on how to sew clothes for the kiddos, especially dresses for my daughter and finally one piece of fiction – for some reason I rarely read fiction, but this one is on my MP3 player when I can’t sleep, “Lost Lake” by Sarah Addison Allen.
    Here’s to cosying up with a good book and reading through winter storms :)

    • VillageKid on

      Oh do SHARE the Danish titles, even if we cannot get in English, the dreamy gardening books and especially those with the greenhouses!!

      Love your variety of books to read ;-) Definitely not a one track life!!

  152. Courtney on

    What an awesome resource! I’m in the planning phases of my own (potential) farm, so I’m reading and working through The Organic Farmer’s Business Handbook.

  153. Shalome Clarke on

    Just started following you today on IG…I LOVE your feed! I’m actually just finished reading Secret Daughter, not flower related but awesome nonetheless. Hope to be a successful florist someday and that I win!

  154. Mollie Costley on

    My winter reading list:
    “Writing Down the Bones”
    “Western Garden”

  155. Erika Stephens on

    The Firestarter Sessions, Start With Why and Nourishing Broth. I like to read multiple books at the same time.

  156. Paige on

    I am reading Where’d you go, Bernadette. But I’d love to be reading your highly informative one!

  157. Melissa Haupt on

    I would LOVE LOVE this book! I’m just starting The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas!!

  158. Lisa on

    I will read “The Whole Seed Catalog” -Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.

  159. Julia Bateman on

    I am reading Brene Brown’s “Daring Greatly”.

  160. Molly Bengtson on

    Currently reading The Flower Farmer by Lynn Byczynski and The 50 Mile Bouquet.

  161. Alyssa on

    Currently reading The Paris Wife and the Flower Recipe book!

  162. Melissa on

    My winter reading list includes The Flower Farmer, The Flower Recipe Book, and The Zero-Mile Diet. Plus the newest Diana Gabaldon!

  163. melissa on

    Reading In a Unicorn’s garden and The flower recipe book! Fingers crossed x

  164. Loren on

    This would be perfect for my August wedding :) My winter reading list includes the Western Gardening books to plan for the spring!

  165. Libby on

    I would LOVE to put this smack in the middle of my coffee table! I am reading ‘The Timber Press Guide to Vegetable Gardening in the Southeast’ and ‘The Sprouted Kitchen’ right now. Two books I got for Christmas :-)

  166. Jillian McF on

    This is on the list!! I’m currently reading omnivores dilemma while reading Lynn’s other book The Flower Farmer, an organic growers guide to raising and selling cut flowers!…..oh an maybe a little gone girl :)

  167. Amie on

    Seed catalogs and the flower farmer!!

  168. aundi on

    Oooh! I would love to add this book to my winter reading! So far on my list o have:
    The Mastery of Love, Not That Kind of Girl, Aimless Love, and One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest.

  169. Chana on

    Love the amazing job you do with all the floral arrangements

  170. Katrin on

    This book looks great!

    My winter reading list includes The 50 Mile Bouquet and Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries.

  171. morgan on

    My winter reading list:

    The 50 Mile Bouquet (a Christmas gift!)
    Heirloom seed catalogs
    All the Light We Cannot See- Anthony Doerr

  172. Jean S on

    coming back to add that I’m reading Jennifer Heath’s book (“The Echoing Green”) and “Gardening at the Dragon’s Gate” right now.

  173. Jean S on

    okay, count me in! I’m planting mostly flowers in my vegetable plot this year–I have a niece who will be getting married (probably next year) and I need to do some proactive planning.

  174. Terah Kennel on

    Reading “slow flowers”! Cant wait for spring!

  175. Claire Bate on

    Thank you Erin what a lovely raffle !!! Books are a luxury at the moment. But I am currently reading all about David Austin Roses and which would suit my cutting garden here in the UK. I hope you have the most fantastic flowery year and look forward to your photographs.
    Best wishes.

  176. Trina Coombes on

    in all seriousness, this book is top of my list, I have been researching where I can buy this and discovered only available as a download for my iPad here in England. I am at the beginning of planting up an allotment so I can do exactly this. This would be perfect for me.

  177. Elise on

    I’m currently reading “The Real Lady Catherine of Downton Abbey” (groan – I know!) and seed catalogue upon seed catalogue upon seed catalogue. Oh — and your blog. Always. :)

  178. Elaine Groves on

    I would love to win a copy of ‘Fresh from The Field Wedding Flowers’ sounds like the perfect accompaniment to my current inspirational read ‘The Flower Farmer’s Year’ by Georgie Newbury.

  179. Becky on

    My Winter reading list is quite extensive including:
    The Cut Flower Patch : Louise Curley
    The Flower Farmers Year : Georgie Newbery
    The Cutting Garden Journal : Sarah Raven
    And many many more!

  180. Jane Stratton on

    What a fun read for a snowy winter day! Thinking of spring and summer to come!

  181. Holly Brungardt on

    I love seeing all of your beautiful ideas and flowers here. I wish I could be as creative! My winter reading list is probably a little different than most. My list consist of Grass Fed Cattle, Backyard Goat, The Joy Of Spinning and Spinning.

    • VillageKid on

      Mine has some similar titles :-)

  182. Christina Fisher on

    My current winter reading includes “Botanical Portraits” by Ann Swan.

  183. Emeline on

    I have two books now on my nightstand: “La botanique du Jardinier” and “The flower recipe book”!
    “The Flower farmer” will be delivered very soon!

  184. Nicki Farrell on

    Just received my new hoop house growing book as well as cool flowers super excited about the upcoming season:)

  185. Vanessa Collins on

    Oooooh would love to add this to my evergrowing pile of Winter reading. Am currently reading Andy Vernon’s Dahlia book – my list of “must have dahlias” just got a bit longer!!

  186. Hannah Muller on

    I am re-reading the Flower Confidential and trying to learn more botanical names this winter… along with some silly romance novels. :) AND HOPEFULLY a copy of your book!

  187. Jody on

    Lots and lots of seed catalogs :)

  188. LeeAnn on

    I’m actually reading The Flower Farmer now!

    • Christina Lueking on

      My winter reading list has been about using hydroponics and seed catalogs on the varieties of pro-cut Sunflowers for Wedding arrangements.

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