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December 24th 2012

from the edge of the world

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visited my favorite spot today. 
hardly a soul was there.
waited for the holiday spirit to wash over me but it never did. these days it never does.
instead tried to be present in the moment. half succeeded, half failed.
watched chris light up as he got to know our new camera. 
tried to be undefended as he captured me. my critical mind is always in full swing.
we daydreamed about the future and our next chapter.
and watched the sun set from the edge of the world.











  1. maria on

    What a beautiful and loving family.
    Happy New Year- I hope it will bring you your farm!

  2. nasrin akter on

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Terri Todd on

    Christmas IS optional, you know. I haven't done Christmas, and I have not let Christmas do me, since 2006. I think Christmas Annually is too often. It's just too disruptive to do it every year, and the frequency shatters the special-ness of Christmas and family and best friends. I truly love Christmas, but I love it done RIGHT – not half-assed and hurried and exhausted. Christmas should be savored for the entire month, slowly. Just 83 days until Spring…

  4. Bare Mtn Farm on

    Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family!!


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