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January 2nd 2013

and so it begins

Written by

New Years is my favorite holiday, hands down.

With a fresh road ahead full of new plans, bigger and better dreams, a massive list of inspiring goals, overwhelming excitement, insatiable curiosity…. all bubbling at the surface just waiting to come alive.

This is the time of year I feel the most like myself!






  1. A Garden of Threads on

    Beautiful photos, so full of promise. Hope you achieve all you goals this year. Best wishes in 2013.

  2. galvanized garden on

    Girl…you've got some mad photography skills! Can't wait to watch 2013 unfold for Floret…great things are sure to come.

  3. Melissa Smith on

    Beautiful photos– land so full of promise! Hope your farm search is going well! Best of luck to you this coming flower season. I so enjoy reading about your farm and business– keeps my dreams of having my own flower farm alive!


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