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April 10th 2013

frog catching

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Our kiddos Elora 12 and Jasper 10 are nature lovers to the max! Being homeschooled, they have a ton of time to explore the natural world around them and go as crazy as they want into any of their interests. The past few years have been dedicated to the study of insects and water creatures. Their bedrooms are filled with aquariums, jars and plastic tanks all housing various creatures they’ve caught in the wild or bought from trade shows and are now caring for, observing and studying. There is garter snake, a newt, tadpoles, a hissing cockroach, frog eggs, a crayfish, western fence lizards (from a recent trip to CA), numerous tropical fish and all types of insect larva in various stages of metamorphosis. They spend hours every day on bug/fish/animal chat boards, researching questions online and reading any book on the topic our local library carries. Obsession is a gentle description for what these two have!!! I tagged along last week on one of their outings to check on the status of our local frog egg population. I’m told that “frog spawn” were present by April 5th of last year, according to their nature journals. I just adore how passionate these two are about the natural world around them!!!



  1. wasabi honey bee on

    How wonderful and fun!!! I love the pictures, makes me feel like I’m there…

  2. Georgianna on

    They are such special kids. Next time I come I am SO going with them! I adored finding frogs when I was their age. :)

  3. Jesse M on

    I love this post! I have so many memories of catching frogs and finding frog eggs when I was that age at our family’s little pond! Thanks for sharing the simple beauty of your kid’s lives :)

  4. Michelle on

    They will cherish these types of days forever.

  5. A Garden of Threads on

    My kids are all adults and it seems like yesterday they running around in ponds and puddles. Enjoy this stage of their journey, it is so fleeting:)

  6. Julie on

    Our kids would love each other. Last weekend, my kids brought home three egg sacs from the pond containing dozens of salamander eggs, which now reside in a Rubbermaid container in our back yard. They’re constantly adding to their wildlife habitat collections. In fact, our Easter centerpiece not only included tulips…my darling daughter added her container with a green anole to the dining table centerpiece. She had decked out the container with cherry blossoms. How many families have anole centerpieces?! I adore their love of nature.

    • Floret on

      That is fantastic! An anole centerpiece beats flowers any day. Hahaha! I just love it : )

  7. Jennie on

    Those two are so awesome. I know they fight too, but I love how they are clearly so very close and each others best friend/partner in crime. So was the frog spawn earlier or later this year? Inquiring minds want to know!

    • Floret on

      they spotted the first ones on the 7th. Pretty dang close : )

  8. Ashley on

    I do believe there is nothing better for a child than to foster a love of nature. It stays with them always. their two heads peering into the net is heart warming.


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