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April 6th 2013


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This week the sun graced us with its glorious presence and we hustled on every front to keep ahead of the new abundance now present in the garden. Flowers are finally blooming in earnest!!!

My helper Jill spent the sunny days planting little seedlings out while I sowed another massive wave of 10,000+ babies, harvested loads and loads of flowers and planted out even more seedlings in the new hoops. Chris prepped new planting beds after work and the kids pitched in whenever we needed extra hands.

We’re all finally finding our rhythm and it feels really, really nice!

white anemones with black eye

anemone harvest

harvesting anemones




sorting daff's

narcissus harvest




  1. Amy Ayers on

    Thank you so much for providing such pertinent information to others who have been or are starting out growing flowers on a larger scale. I have been growing for years, but am starting to expand and need to purchase supplies in greater quantity. Could you share where you buy your cooler and harvesting buckets/crates? I am having a hard time finding wholesale prices on containers and they add up quick! Thanks so much!

  2. Anouk Dupraz on

    Love your smile! I’ll have the same if spring wants to show up! I can’t wait starting to harvest, but it’s still so cold and nothing grows…

  3. Angela Humphrey on

    Hi Erin! You, your family and your flowers such inspiration for me–thank you! Just wondering where you buy the tubers for those lovely white anemones? I’d like to try them in my flower garden here in Colorado.
    Thank you and best wishes for an abundant and blessed season!

  4. Mary Anne Komar on

    Where can I buy your lovely flowers, live in Bow so really close! Thanks, Mary Anne

  5. Roxy Pruitt on

    So happy to see your flowers, spring glorious spring!! Love it!

  6. FlowerLady Lorraine on

    Your love of growing and harvesting flowers shows in this post and makes my heart feel glad.


  7. Yvonne on

    Gosh what beautiful images of you and your happy flowers, thank you for sharing them.

  8. Rona on

    What a gorgeous blog post Erin & such beautiful floral images!

    It’s sunny here today in England…but very cold still & frosty. So looking forward to our spring arriving :-).

    Rona x

  9. Georgianna on

    Fabulous!!! What fantastic photos (Chris!), such exuberance
    and beauty! The season has begun, yay!


  10. Kelly (Botanique) on

    So awesome Erin!!!!! That first photo of you makes me very happy- what a smile :)

  11. Nicole on

    Wow! So beautiful! All that spring color and beauty is just amazing. I’m a few hours south of you down in the South Sound area, and yes (!) the sunshine was so welcome this week! We were actually able to get some tilling done…
    Happy spring to you and yours!


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