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April 10th 2013


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Tulips: Professor Rontgen, Salmon Parrot, Weber's Parrot.

Tulips: Professor Rontgen, Salmon Parrot, Weber’s Parrot.


I finally figured out how to add captions to the blog photos!!! Now I’ll be sure to add variety info so you can hunt all of these goodies down.

This weeks Seasonal Bouquet Project is live and ready for viewing. We had a stretch of wet days, so I went dark, moody and hellebore infused for mine.

Also, I finally sent out the first Floret Farm Newsletter!!! For someone who’s not very tech savvy, it was freaking hard! But I did it and now kind of get it, so we’re on a roll. Thank you Georgianna for swooping in and saving me from last minute tech issues! If you haven’t signed up yet (there’s a newsletter sign up in the right hand column) I included the new 2013 Flower Ninja shot. It’s a good one too! If I can convince Chris to humiliate himself even further for my benefit, I’ll post the outtakes. Exploding bouquets, crash landing, practice kung-fu moves. Damn funny stuff!


  1. Kim on

    The newsletter was wonderful! I immediately ordered the bulb book you mentioned. Thank you for all the wonderful information.

  2. Georgianna on

    Incredible image! Congratulations on the newsletter – you did a great job!!

  3. Lisa on

    love love love the newsletter.
    doing my best wishing dance so your farm dream comes true.
    that barn.
    that barn.
    that. barn.

  4. Alexa Johnson on

    Loved the flower ninja shot! Way to go on the newsletter!

  5. CheyAnne Sexton on

    thought I signed up, but I will now. Love your photography and writing style

  6. nanne on

    the newsletter looked great & i loved getting it! thanks!

  7. myca on

    those parrots are to die for! can’t wait to hunt them down. now off to read my newsletter!


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