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January 22nd 2024

Floret Originals: Your Questions Answered

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Ever since we announced that we would be releasing the breeding varieties into the world, we’ve been overwhelmed with so many excited emails, messages, and questions. Below you’ll find answers to some of the most common ones. 

If you have a question that is not answered here, be sure to leave it in the comments section below. 

I’m confused. What exactly is a Floret Original? How are they different from the varieties you’ve carried in the past?

One thing I didn’t realize until we started making this big transition was how many people thought that every variety of flower seed that we’ve carried in our shop was bred here on the farm. While I love that you have that much faith in us, the vast majority of varieties we’ve offered through our shop were already in existence and collected from a network of specialty growers or were produced here in our fields. The difference with the Floret Original varieties is that they were either developed through many seasons of careful selection on the farm or were actually born here!

Over the last 7 years, we have been working on developing these new varieties to help give local growers an advantage in the marketplace and open up a whole new world of possibilities for the seasonal flower movement. 

We’ve focused our efforts on flowers that are easy to grow, thrive in a wide range of climates (especially those that are hot or humid), and are both vigorous and healthy so that even beginning gardeners will have success with them. Potential candidates are measured against a set of strict criteria, including long stems for cutting, beautiful coloring, and a unique form that will lend itself to flower arranging. 

To ensure that local growers have the advantage over imported blooms, we’ve been focusing on breeding flowers that don’t ship well (dahlias, celosia, and zinnias) so if floral designers or wholesale flower sellers want to get their hands on them, they will have to buy them locally or learn how to grow their own.

Erin Benzakein in the back of the Floret truck surrounded by buckets of breeding varietiesAre you going to offer any other seed besides the Floret Originals in the future? Where can I find cress or sweet peas? Help!

It has long been a dream of mine to have our little seed company transition to specializing in farm-bred varieties. After many years of diligent work, we have finally reached that point!

Moving forward we will only be offering Floret Original varieties or special flowers that need our help to be preserved. It is a bittersweet moment because I love all of the flowers that we’ve had the pleasure of sharing with you in the past, but in order to give the breeding varieties the time and attention they need, it’s important that we focus our efforts. 

We have created a series of special resources to help you find new and wonderful sources for seed. I’m excited to introduce you to my very favorite companies (many of which are still family-owned) and help play matchmaker between you and them. Be sure to read Floret’s Favorite Specialty Seed Sources

A huge thank you to everyone who has ordered seeds from us over the years. Your support has allowed our family farm to grow and thrive and I’m excited to share this next chapter with you. 

My farm is small and every square foot counts. What percentage of the plants will come back true to the photos on your site? 

These special varieties have been grown in isolation, either through distance or inside of covered hoop houses, and refined through a process of roguing for the past 6 to 7 years. 

We have grown out and trialed all of the seeds that we’re offering to ensure that each one is of the highest quality and what we’d consider a stable variety, meaning that at least 90% (or more) of the plants will produce flowers that are true to type. 

Please note that there will be some slight variations of flower size, form, or color and you will occasionally find some off types (a few brightly colored flowers are the most common surprise) but for the most part, the vast majority of the plants that come from each packet of seed will resemble their photos and descriptions.

If you have become accustomed to growing hybrid flowers (like the Zowie or Uproar series zinnias, Pro Cut sunflowers, etc.) that are 100% uniform, you may be surprised or a little frustrated by the diversity found in our seeds. If you need every single plant to perform in an identical manner then these varieties are probably not for you. 

Over time, these varieties will be refined even further as we work to select fuller flowers and a more uniform color presentation, but I am excited to have you try them in their current, not-quite-perfect state and see what you think.

If you are planning to save seed (for your own personal use) and discover an off type in the mix, be sure to remove (rogue) it out of the patch so that all of the flowers that you’re growing and saving are the ones you desire.   

Can I grow out and resell the seed from Floret Originals or Dawn Creek seed varieties?

One question that we get very often is “Can I grow and sell the seed from your Floret Original varieties?” I’ve also seen a number of small farmers growing out the seed they purchased from Dawn Creek and offering it as their own without permission. I understand the excitement about these new beauties, and because the seed is limited, people see an opportunity for their businesses. 

But we have poured a tremendous amount of time, effort, and resources into developing these varieties and ask that you do not reproduce their seed, for sale, without permission. With that said, I would love for you to grow and save seed from these varieties for your own personal use (including breeding work) and to share with your family and friends. You are more than welcome (and highly encouraged) to grow and sell the fresh flowers and potted plants from these magical varieties as well! 

An important thing to note is that before we ever started growing out the Dawn Creek zinnia varieties for seed, we reached out to Kori, expressed our interest, and asked for permission. Once permission was granted, we came to an agreement on a royalty structure so that she would receive a percentage of sales from any variety that was derived from her original seed.

In order for independent plant breeding to become a more viable occupation, it is extremely important that plant breeders are both acknowledged for their incredible contributions and fairly compensated for their work. 

To summarize, the unauthorized production of seeds with the intent to sell, renaming of varieties, or reselling of packets purchased from Floret without permission is prohibited.

At this time, we are the only source for these seeds, but if you are interested in potentially becoming a licensed seed grower in the future, please fill out this form.


Are the Floret Originals varieties available wholesale? I’d love to offer them in my catalog or shop!

Currently, we do not have enough seed to offer Floret Original varieties in volume to other seed companies or retailers. However, if you would like to join our waiting list, please complete this form.

Eric Budzynski checking on seeds pods laid out to dryWhy do the Floret Original varieties cost more than other seeds?

A tremendous amount of time and effort has gone into breeding these special new varieties and we’ve done it on our own, right here on our farm. We have spent the last 7 years working to figure out how to breed new varieties, get them to come back true to type, and master the art of seed saving. 

This is a very uncommon approach in the flower seed industry. Typically all of the new varieties that are brought to market come from large corporations with breeding facilities located near the equator, where they can grow year-round and have access to very affordable labor. Their seeds are produced on a massive scale and distributed through a global network of dealers, brokers, and seed companies. The end consumer (the farmer or home gardener) is the last person in the chain and is many steps removed from the original source, not knowing how their seeds were produced and who grew them.

What makes this project so special is that we’re doing the work right here on our farm and can share the process and journey with you. We have been working to create what the flower community felt was missing from the marketplace—I like to think of these seeds as “created by the people, for the people.” And now that some of the Floret Original varieties are ready to go into the world, we can deliver them directly to you and bypass all of the middlemen along the way. 

When it comes to pricing, we’ve tried to strike a balance between recouping the investment that has gone into this self-funded project, while also making these seeds as affordable as possible for gardeners and farmers. While the higher cost (when compared to standard varieties) might mean that you are only able to get one packet of the seeds you desire versus multiples, I do hope that it doesn’t prevent you from being able to grow them at all. 

One of the ways we plan to help offset the higher cost of these seeds is by teaching you how to save your own later this summer. We’ve been busy writing and filming a new Seed-Saving Mini Course that I can’t wait to share more about soon.

Erin Benzakein and other members of Team Floret threshing seedsI’m trying to find information about flower seed saving, and I can’t find anything. Can you point me in the right direction?

I know how frustrating it can be when it comes to trying to find information on flower seed saving and breeding because so few resources currently exist. If you haven’t already read Tiffany Jones’ book, The Zinnia Breeder’s Handbook, or Kristine Albrecht’s Dahlia Breeding for the Farmer-Florist and the Home Gardener both are wonderful resources. 

For the last few years, we have been working on documenting the process that we go through to save flower seeds here on the farm. It is an incredibly complex topic and there is so much to learn and know. It’ll be a while before I can share this massive project, but the thought of all of this information becoming publicly available sometime in the future is very exciting! 

In the meantime, we’ve been working on a special new Seed-Saving Mini Course that will do a deep dive into saving celosia, dahlia, and zinnia seeds which will be available later this summer.  It will cover information about the differences between open-pollinated and hybrid varieties, isolation distances required to ensure that varieties come back true to type, and step-by-step instructions on how to go about harvesting and cleaning seeds on a home scale.

How many seeds come in each packet?

The number of seeds per packet will vary based on the specific variety.

Celosia will have a minimum of 100 seeds per packet, dahlias will have at least 25 seeds, and zinnias will include a minimum of 50, enough to grow a nice big patch of each one. 

Are your seeds certified organic?

Here on the farm we use organic growing practices but are no longer certified (although we were for more than a decade). All of the seeds that we offer are non-GMO, open-pollinated, and untreated. 

If you need a letter stating this for your certifier please email [email protected] and we can send one along. 

Do you have any tips for growing the new breeding varieties? Each seed is so precious and I want to make sure I do everything right!

We’ve created some wonderful resources to help you have success growing the Floret Original varieties this season.

Every seed order leaving the farm will come with a beautiful printed growing guide that includes a step-by-step seed-starting tutorial, flower-growing advice, and detailed growing instructions for celosia, zinnias, and dahlias (from seed). We had so much fun putting together this photo-filled booklet to accompany these special varieties! 

The same growing instructions that are in the booklet can also be found in the Resources section of our website. Be sure to check out How to Grow Celosia, How to Grow Zinnias, and How to Grow Dahlias from Seed

And in mid-February, we’ll be releasing our Winter Mini Course Seed-Starting 101. In this video series, I will show you how to start seeds even if you don’t have a greenhouse, how to care for young seedlings until planting time, and how to avoid common mistakes. The course is free, all you need to do is sign up. 

Floret Originals blooms arranged in vessels on shelvesCan I grow celosia, dahlias, and zinnias in pots?

If you have a small space or don’t have any actual ground to grow in, you can plant in pots. Be sure to choose the largest container possible, at least 3 gallons (11 L). It’s important to keep in mind that when you grow any plant in a container, it will require a lot more care than a plant growing directly in the ground. In addition to needing regular deep watering, especially during the height of summer, container-grown plants need to be fertilized monthly with a balanced liquid fertilizer.

If you’re looking for varieties that have a more compact growth habit, some great options are Celosia Coral Reef, Dusty Rose, and Pink Chenille, Dahlia Cancan Girls and Petite Florets, and Zinnia Little Flower Girl and Victorian Wedding.

However, you can experiment with any of the varieties and see which ones do best in containers and raised beds.

If things sell out, will you be restocking? What does it mean when a variety says “Sold Out” or “Coming Soon”? 

To know if we will be restocking a variety, there will be a little flag in the upper right-hand corner that either says “Coming Soon” or “Sold Out.” If it says “Coming Soon” the variety will be restocked later this spring. 

To be notified when the variety you’re interested in comes back in stock, be sure to use the “Email When Available” feature within the product’s description. When seed is restocked you will receive an email.

Can you send seed for the Floret Original varieties internationally? 

We have been hard at work trying to figure out all of the logistics involved in shipping Floret Original seeds abroad. We spent countless hours doing research, meeting with inspectors, applying for phytosanitary certificates, and sending test shipments to numerous countries around the world. 

Despite our best efforts, we still haven’t cracked the code on this process and unfortunately won’t be able to offer this special service at this time. To learn more, please read our International Seed Shipping Update blog post.

Will items in my cart be held for me? 

This is a tricky one because we have no control over the system that processes orders and inventory once the products are live on the site. Items are removed from inventory as purchases are completed and because of this, the items in your cart will unfortunately not be held. For the best experience, we recommend having your list ready and checking out as soon as possible. 

How should I store my seeds if I don’t want to plant them all right away?

If stored properly seeds can remain viable for many, many years. Be sure to keep them in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. A plastic tub or jar with a lid tucked in the garage or basement works great. 

Rodents can be an issue, so be sure that your seeds are stored in a critter-proof container to protect them.

If you have questions that haven’t been answered above, please leave a comment below. 

Please note: If your comment doesn’t show up right away, sit tight; we have a spam filter that requires us to approve comments before they are published.

Floret only lists companies and products that we love, use, and recommend. All opinions expressed here are our own and Floret does not offer sponsored content or accept money for editorial reviews. If you buy something using the retail links in this post, Floret may receive a small commission. Thank you for your support!


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    • BriAnn, Team Floret on

      50% strength liquid fish emulsion tea can be used on young seedlings.

  4. Pam Beavers on

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    You’ve encouraged us to save seeds as a way to off-set the extra cost of your seeds. But it seems, too, that it would limit us to only planting Floret seeds. I am eager to grow my new zinnias, but don’t want to ruin the seed harvest by cross-pollination.

    • BriAnn, Team Floret on

      Different varieties will cross pollinate. We will be sharing a new seed saving resource later this year!

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    My Victorian Wedding seedlings are in the ground here in South Central Florida, it’s the middle of March 2024 and looks like summer is coming early this year.

    I’m so excited and hopeful to see these little darlings pop up against the outside perimeter of my little cottage garden white picket fence.

    I’ve caught the Floret Original Fever! Much thanks and appreciation to Erin and her wonderful team for all the hard work, sweat and tears.

    I will send pictures of my results as soon as I’m able.

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      The number of seeds per packet can be found on the description pages of each variety in our shop.

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    • Erin on

      If you keep the individual varieties isolated from each other the saved seed will come back true. If you grow them all together the seed will produce a mix of the varieties you collected it from, plus lots of new crosses.

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    Hi there, I so love what you are doing and your dedication to sharing your knowledge and teaching others. It’s been painful trying to find information sometimes and I love who Floret is and how you are so willing to help others. My question is will you be selling your tubers again at any point or will you be purely seed selling from this point?

    • Erin on

      At this point we’re focusing all of our effort on seed and breeding new varieties.

  59. Brenda on

    How much is shipping?

  60. Seadanes on

    Are the seeds available only online or can we come to the farm to purchase?

    • Team Floret on

      They are only available in our online store. Thanks for asking!

  61. Lillian on

    Some growers in Iowa are saying they already have the breeding variety seeds secured prior to your sale. Is this true?

    • Erin on

      We’ve sent out some special seed collections to farmer friends but other than that, no one has these yet.

  62. Adelia on

    I stumbled on Floret when the Magnolia Network premiered. I have been in love with all things Floret ever since. I have loved everything I have purchased and also things that I have purchased from other companies that you have recommended.
    I will say I feel a little nervous about being fast enough to get the things I want in the sale. Last time you sold out faster than was anticipated. I know that happens when you have such an awesome product. I also want to thank you for all the free information you so readily share with the world.

  63. Sandra on

    On February 6 what time does your seed sale begin online? Congratulations on such an accomplishment!!! Deep thanks!

    • Erin on

      It will start at 9am PST on February 6th.

  64. Jordan on

    How many packs of one variety do you recommend for a smaller garden?

    • Erin on

      One packet will be plenty!

  65. Nancy Rabinowitz on

    It’s too hard for a small scale gardener to choose! I love the softer colors in both the Celosia and the Zinnias. The Celosia I am hoping to snag are Vintage Rose, Dusty Rose and Limonatta. Zinnia favorites are Golden Hour, Precious Metals and Dawn Creek Blush and Pastels. The Petite Florets Dahlias were made for me.

  66. Deb krrueger on

    Such a beautful and admirable business! Loved my sweet peas..anxious to try new things as well..keep up the hard work…Deb Krueger..Selah..Wa

  67. Zofia Sablik on

    Thank you Erin and Team Floret for your incredible dedication and effort to bring forth this most beautiful collection of Floret Original seeds , not only in an array of shapes and exquisite colors ,but also fully tested for its most desired qualities and growing reliability .Congratulations on arriving at this amazing milestone .

  68. Rachel H on

    How many seed packets do you have? I am seeing all the hype/ comments and likes. I’m starting to get worried that I might need to take a day off of work to order a packet! 😂

  69. Farrah Malone on

    Are the prices correct? I see Zinnias at $17.95 and $19.95? Is this per pack?

  70. Mirna on

    I loved it all your new colors blends of zinnias! And all new seeds coming up this spring. I very excited to looking forward to get some of your creations. God bless you all! To make this possible new trends!

  71. Kelley on

    These seeds are adding so much pending joy and excitement for the warmer days of spring/summer! I’ve spent many years imagining what these flowers would look like in a vase in my home and I cannot wait to fulfill that dream! Thanks for all your dedication and work!

  72. Cris on

    Will there be a list w photos of what will be available so we can make our list before Feb 6th?

  73. Jen on

    Not a question, but I’m so excited for these to be released! I already have an alarm set for February 6th!

  74. Naima on

    Am I allowed to sell the flowers I grow from your seeds? (I’m starting a cut flower farm)🤍

  75. Judy on

    I am excited to grow the precious metals zinnia and basically all the Zinnias yours and the Dawn Creek variety. I haven’t grown celosia before but it will be in my garden this year. I am so excited to get my hands on these.😁

  76. Barbara Berger on

    Thank you for the opportunity to grow these gorgeous flowers. Please enter my name into the drawing if this is the place to do it.

  77. Anne Ferguson on

    I guess I missed the step for giving my two cents for the drawing???
    I drool over your pastel mixes spf: glowing embers celeosa and dawn creek pastel zinnias WOW! You have been my favorite flower company for years (and the squirrels too) and have been following you happily from your start. Saved a magazine story about you and your very youngsters..So glad to see your hard works paying off. What a lovely way to service the world. The Force is obviously with you all!
    An old fan, Anne

  78. Heather Huerta on

    Hi! What time will your seeds be for sale on Feb 6th? Thanks so much!

  79. Liza on

    So excited for the sale of the floret collection. If I may I have a question…. Will the sale of the new collection be posted on the workshop class blog? Just as a curtesy reminder.

  80. Brittany on

    How will any of these seeds do in the desert? I believe I’m in Zone 8

  81. Linda Marie Hanen on

    Are all the seeds able to be grown in Zones 3-5?
    Thank You

  82. Bre on

    This is so exciting! Congratulations Erin & Chris & the entire Floret team for your dedication to this goal. Thank you for your incredible work, not only in the growing and saving these new seeds over the years, but in sharing your journey from the beginning on the blog! Each post is full of such valuable information. Thank you, thank you!

  83. Bobbie Moore on

    Think I lost my original post I had started! So- I am delighted to meet these beauties. My daughter in Minnesota introduced me to your site! I am in Alabama, have a long growing season. I am fairly new to flower growing but am very experienced with plants. We grow a very large garden and give the produce to the community. If my flower dream works out- I will expand the bouquets to the church and nursing homes. The dahlias, celosias and zinnias will pair well with my antique roses. We started with some Dollar tree seeds for fun last year and seems as if every seed planted popped right up. The joy of seeing the birds and the butterflies- my neighbors bees- enjoying themselves is a treat. We look forward to shopping your seeds.

  84. Kristi Brumbaugh on

    Is there a certain time of day (on the 6th) the sale goes live? Want to make sure I’m ready!!

    • Erin on

      It’s at 9am PST on February 6

  85. Danielle Scuderi on

    I am GEEKING OUT over here! I cannot wait for these seeds to go on sale. Thank you once again for your passion and hard work. I hope I can get my hands on a couple packets before they all sell out, I’m a bag of nerves but in a fantastic way!

  86. Isa Rivero on

    Where can I buy Earl Grey Sweet Pea, now that you longer offer it?
    I can’t find it anywhere. Thank you!

  87. Naima on

    Soo exited for all these beautiful seeds!!
    Will you also have a sale next year with the same varieties?

  88. Gayle Schneider on

    I can only imagine the volume & variety of email questions you have been receiving to decide to put together such a detailed, helpful & comprehensive response! Appreciation & kudos to you & your team for this!

  89. Jess on

    Are there any varieties within a category (zinnias, celosia plume, cockscomb, etc.) that you’ve found to have longer or shorter vase life? Just curious if the more ruffled/frilly ones have similar performance to the more traditional forms. Thank you and can’t wait!!

  90. Dori on

    Are any of your zinnia seeds resistant to powdery mildew?
    Thank you!

  91. Gina Teri Mansfield on

    Hi – Quick question. Is the Dahlia “Bee’s Choice” I purchased last year from Floret an “Original Floret?” This inquiry mind wants to know…😉

    Thank you!

  92. Rochelle Davidson on

    great information and looking forward to seed starting videos. I hope I manage to get seeds, and if I do I figure, based on your processing estimates of 4 – 6 weeks that means seeds will be arriving anytime from first week to end of March. Will that allow enough time to germinate and plant the seeds this year? I live in Vancouver, BC, zone 8. Many thanks for this and all the information and community you have created, Rochelle

    • BriAnn, Team Floret on

      There will be enough time to plant them when they arrive.

  93. Mary Smith on

    Thank you for the info. I do have one question … I have no where to start plants from seeds. Can I just plant the seeds directly into the ground? If so, would I wait until all frost is over? Thank you!

    • BriAnn, Team Floret on

      We’ll be sharing how to start seeds indoors with minimal space in our Winter Mini Course (sign up here: We suggest starting them indoors for the best results but they can be planted directly into the ground several weeks after the threat of frost has passed, but keep an eye out for critters that like to munch on the new green growth.

  94. Laura Burns on

    Thank you so much! I do have one question. Where can I find those super tall row hoop covers you show pictured above? Just what I need.

  95. Cyndi Tippett on

    Thank you for the information and your hard work on growing “the babies”. I look forward to getting some of your seeds. You are the reason I have been able to enjoy growing flowers from seeds…the success I had the first year was unbelieveable and I have jumped down the “growing seed” rabbit hole. I expanded my little venture this year…two grow lights, two warming mats etc. Your tutorials were easy to watch and follow. The joy of seeing the seeds pop out of the soil and then eventually produce stunning flowers is beyond words. I am so excited about getting my seeds going in March. Thank you…your efforts are seen and appreciated.

  96. Vera Novik on

    Thank you so, so much for all you do!! The detailed answers are a great. I’m a formal designer and florist who spent my childhood years in Ukraine, in my parents flower greenhouses of flowers. After becoming a mom, somehow organically, I have started growing my own flowers for ourselves and friends & family. I know how much work and effort it takes to grow beauty. I’m so amazed and proud of Erin, her family and the entire team. May God bless you with health, abundance of sunshine and water and overall health of the soil and plants. Do continue developing, expanding, cultivation and passing forward HIS beauty to humanity. And, may all the growers who are planting florets beautira be abundantly blessed!! Anticipating to plant your seeds in my garden beds as well.

  97. Patty on

    How can we get on the pre-sale list

  98. Evy on

    I just read your beautifully and thoughtfully written Q & A. Please thank you and your team for this very informative blog. I learned not only answers to the questions I appreciate the clarification of thiughts I didn’t even know I needed to know! If that makes sense. Thank you also to your supporters who asked these questions.

    I really appreciate the heart and soul you and your husband give to everything you do. I’ve ordered many Floret products as gifts and look forward to ordering Floret Originals as unique gifts for friends and family. Thank you for making this world a better place in the Floret Way.

  99. Janet Murphy Shope on

    I’m really excited to grow some of these beauties out here on the farm. Can’t wait to see the response from our customers when they get tucked into bouquets! Thank you for all you do to help us out here!

  100. Kristine Hill on

    I made sure to save a vacation day to be home and ready for Florets Original Seed Sale ! The Super Bowl of seed Sales is going down February 6th the true Grit and Grind. Thank you Team Floret for bringing us this opportunity!!! So glad I won’t have to be Quick Draw McGraw !!! 🙌 ♥️ 🙌

  101. Lisa PORFIRIO on

    Congratulations on this amazing transition! I am trying to find the seed source for Mignonette/Reseda Odonata that I used to purchase through Floret. I did go to the library and found the entry but did not see a seed company listed in the “Source” section. Any help that you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

  102. Amy Gallagher on

    Thank you so much for putting these out into the world! I can’t wait to grow them and appreciate all the hard work that went into this.

  103. Melissa on

    Those dahlias look so fun! I really prefer growing them from seed, I’m so bad at saving tubers it just works out better. Can’t wait to try your new varieties!

  104. Pamela Burke on

    when seeds say attracts pollinators. or bees love them do they offer food/ pollen to them or only attract them?

    • BriAnn, Team Floret on

      They have open centers for bees and other pollinators to easily access the pollen.

  105. Diane Millett on

    Can you share information on how to create good soil

  106. Julia on

    What are some of your favorite dahlia and zinnia combinations? They’re all so pretty I’ve had the hardest time deciding which zinnias to pair with the dahlias!

  107. Taylor on

    Hi Floret, will you be releasing pricing information soon as well? So excited to grow these in my backyard garden!

  108. Jan on

    Would it be better to save the tubers or the seeds from the Floret dahlias after this growing season (thinking ahead)

    • Erin on

      If you save the seeds they will produce brand new varieties and it’s really fun! If you find some that you love in the mix you can save their tubers too and grow them again next year. We save all the seeds but only tubers from favorites.

  109. Ellen on

    When will the seeds be shipped if ordering right away?

    • BriAnn, Team Floret on

      We will be shipping out orders as quickly as we can as soon as orders are placed, but with the small size of our team, orders could take up to 4 to 6 weeks to process. Once your order leaves the farm you will receive an email with tracking information.

  110. Ellen on

    Which three zinnia varieties among the Floret originals have the largest flowers?

    • BriAnn, Team Floret on

      All of the zinnias except Little Flower Girl and Victorian Wedding have larger blooms.

  111. E. F. on

    We all want to know how much zinnia seeds will cost so we can budget. That’s the number 1 question around here, it seems

  112. Hannah on

    Can you share what time the seeds will be available for purchase on the 6th? I am hoping to block off time on my work calendar. Thanks!

  113. Jennifer on

    Thank you so much for all the new information. I am beyond excited to grow these beautiful new varieties!! Price would be helpful to know for budgeting reasons 😊

    A big thanks to all at Floret for working so hard to make this world a more beautiful place and inspiring myself and so many others to do the same!

  114. Sharee Reiner on

    I’m just excited for all of this!! Just can’t wait to see these varieties in person. Thank you and your whole team for working on such beautiful flowers for all of us to make apart of our garden’s

  115. Sabrina David on

    I am obsessed with these beautiful varieties. Thank you for all your hard work to provide these to the world. I would love to know how much the seeds will cost so I know which variety I will be able to purchase ahead of time.

  116. Dian on

    I enjoy learning so much from you! Thank you for sharing your advice and wisdom with flower gardening.

    The pictures of Timmy are adorable in this post-well done Chris!

  117. Gabrielle on

    I’ve loved growing your seeds in my own backyard for cutting my own flowers and f or pollinating my vegetable garden. My kids have loved the flowers as well. I know you wanted to support small time growers, but is it harming them by ordering my own simply to grow them?

    • Team Floret on

      Hi Gabrielle,
      We’d love for you to order these seeds, just to be grown in your own backyard! That’s exactly what they are for. Enjoy!

  118. Sydney on

    I’m so excited for this release! Looking forward to sharing some of these beautiful blooms with friends and family this summer. Dreaming, rather romantically, that the seeds I save from several of these varieties this season will reach hands far off into the future and become a new generation of heirloom treasures. Thank you, Floret Team, for all of your focused, hard work! Y’all are rockstars.

  119. Suman on

    Thank you for all this information – this is incredibly helpful! I am SO excited to get my hands on these wonderful seeds this year. I was wondering if you would be able to share the pricing information for the seeds in advance, would really help me plan out and triage my seed wish list. Thanks so much!

  120. April on

    All helpful information! Could you do a post suggesting which celosias compliment which zinnias, and which dahlias might yield stems good for cutting? I’m wondering if celosia lemonata compliments zinnia precious metals and questions like that!

  121. Cindi on

    I would also like to know the price of each pack. I am retired (fixed income) and want to know how many packs I will be able to purchase.

  122. Nancy Turner on

    When will you post prices for the seed packets? I’m working on my budget. Thank you!

  123. Rachel on

    I’m so excited for these! How much will they cost? Similar to previous pricing?

  124. Celeste on

    Everything is so beautiful! I am just wondering when the price of the packets will be posted , I have a budget and just like to plan ahead:) So excited !!

  125. Leigh Ann on

    I am so happy that you guys are ready to let those seeds fly across the US! Would it be possible to have a bundle to purchase one packet of all of them at checkout. That would save time in the checking out process.

  126. Katie on

    Will your prices be similar to what you have offered in the past? I’m trying to plan for what I can reasonably afford.

  127. Christy Church on

    Do you have any variety that will grow well in part shade?

  128. Amy on

    When are you going to list your prices?

  129. Katharine on

    Very excited for these! Just wondering if you had any sense of their powdery mildew resistance, or if you’d recommend one variety of zinnia over another for those of us that struggle with mildew. Thanks!

  130. Sarah Strouse on

    Thank you very much for creating these brand new beauties. I’m so excited to see them blooming at flower farms near and wide in a few short months. Brava!!

  131. Leann on

    The royalty and crediting aspect is intriguing. What about sources other than Dawn Creek for Zinnias? Do they require crediting, sourcing, or royalties? Does the same apply to the Texas Plume Vintage Rose Mix? If a specific element is extracted from their original seed source, would any obligations arise?

  132. Abbe Kister on

    Thank you for your continued incredible communication and dedication! I am beyond excited for the upcoming sale!! I am a home Gardner and absolutely love everything you and your team do for our world! Will you be blessing us with another season of Growing Floret?

  133. Mary Ellen Howard on

    No questions (this post was extremely helpful!) But just want to say I’m SO EXCITED for this sale of your new seed varieties! Thank you!

  134. Christine Watson on

    I’ve seen tons of questions regarding the price of each packet. Can you confirm that so we can be prepared?

  135. Patricia Ellis on

    This is all a very exciting time for all of us and I can’t imagine how exciting for you!! Congratulations on all the hard work and can not wait to grow your flowers this year in my garden!! Much success!! 🩷🌸🩷

  136. Inka on

    Oh I love your seeds and everything you grow. I’m from Germany, I filled out the form so you can include it in the statistics. However, I will not be able to pay over 500.00 dollars. I am sad but maybe I can find a way. Thank you very much and have an excellent planting year

  137. Yvonne on

    Wonderful explanations Erin! And Congrats to you and your entire team! What an amazing accomplishment! I am very excited to see some of these beauties come alive in my garden!

  138. Wendi DuBois on

    Thank you for this well thought through blog; it’s very helpful. I’m hopeful that I can get some of these beauties! If a variety sells out right away, I assume the seed will likely not be available again until winter of 2025?

  139. Lisa Gilmour on

    While I understand that we cannot resell your seeds are we allowed to mention when selling our flowers that the seed was from you? Also are we allowed to sell starter plants of your seedlings? Many thanks


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