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April 10th 2024

International Seed Shipping Update

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This spring the team and I worked incredibly hard to figure out all of the logistics required to ship Floret Original seeds abroad. 

We spent countless hours doing research, talking to other seed companies, meeting with our local USDA inspector, and working with different shipping carriers and international customs agents around the world. We’ve learned so much about international shipping!

Through the process, we also sent nearly 30 test shipments of seed to seven different countries, all of which included the necessary paperwork and phytosanitary certificates, and then carefully tracked each package along its journey. 

While all of the shipments eventually made it to their destination, what we discovered was that no two orders were handled in the exact same way.

There were so many variables that we encountered that didn’t match our research, such as requests for more paperwork (even though each order had the necessary documents attached to their boxes), duties and taxes that were charged to recipients (that didn’t match the percentages outlined by their country), additional application fees (though orders had all of the necessary prepaid permits and paperwork), and physical inspections before the packages were released. 

When we started looking into the feasibility of offering international shipping, we knew that it would be a very complicated puzzle to figure out. 

Despite our best efforts and the incredible amount of energy our amazing team has poured into this project, I still don’t feel like we have cracked the code on international shipping and can offer this special service at this time. Our team is just too small and the process is too labor intensive to offer on a larger scale. 

I can’t tell you how disappointed I am to not be able to share the Floret Originals with everyone who wants to grow them. Hopefully someday in the future, we will be able to send these special seeds to you. 

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  1. Stéphanie on

    Dear Karen
    I admire much your work and admire it from afar, and would love to get a few seeds. With a friendly adress in Canada, it would be possible that my friend who will be travelling to Europe would be allowed to bring in the few packets? Should I ask for a sort of certificate when ordering ?
    Many thanks for the beauty of your flowers 🌸

  2. Antoine on

    Hello Karen, I am interested in your intermediary proposal. I am from Belgium. Have a nice day and look forward to hearing from you.

  3. Julia on

    I would really like to buy Celosa , Dahlia and Zinnia seeds aswell. Unfortunatly I dont have an adress to send it to in the USA. I live in The Netherlands. A private adress would help maybe.

    I hope for the people of Floret Farms that they find an easy and affordable way to get the seeds of these beautiful plants to international buyers in the near future. I think there is a lot of interest abroad.

    I do love watching your YouTube video’s and reading your books. Keep up the great work! Hope to sow some of your seeds in the future.

  4. Ernesta on

    Karen, how can I contact you? I would be very grateful if I could buy some seeds through you. Thank you very much

  5. Karen on

    Louise Svensson, I’m in USA and can help if you want to contact me. Usually shipping from private party like myself is easier then commercial shipping.

  6. Louise Svensson on

    Hello! If i would order som zinnia seeds anyway (Tho i know they may not be delivered) would you send them? Or is it a big no? Is there any risk for you or are the risk that the seeds may not be delivered? I really want them! 😂

    • BriAnn, Team Floret on

      Unfortunately, we’re not able to send seeds internationally, however, if you know someone in the U.S. or Canada that could get them to you somehow that may be an option.

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