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May 30th 2013

Delphinium forest at dusk

Written by

Floret- Erin Benzakein- blue Delphinium

I LOVE growing giant flowers! Last year it was the fairy infested foxglove, this year it’s the delphinium.

Floret- Erin Benzakein- blue Delphinium

While wading through this unbelievably beautiful jungle makes my heart skip a beat, I think I may have gotten a little carried away with our fertility program this spring ; )

Floret- Erin Benzakein- blue Delphinium

If you too want giant flowers, here’s the secret. Lot’s of high quality compost! We top dress with 3-4″ in the spring and again in the fall. A healthy dose of an organic granular fertilizer at planting time. I love Nature’s Intent 9-3-4. And if you can make or score some compost tea, apply it every week either as a foliar spray or a root drench.

Floret- Erin Benzakein- blue Delphinium

That and lots of love is all you need to grow giant, 10ft tall delphinium and any other monster flowers your heart desires!

Floret spring delphinium bouquet

This beauty was a recent entry on The Seasonal Bouquet Project a few weeks back. To soak in the magic that was harvested this week, including my all time favorite peony, head on over and check it out….


  1. WENDY on

    Beautiful. When should I transplant delphiniums into unheated hoophouse, zone 6.

  2. kw on

    I just found your blog recently and absolutely love it. The colors are so wonderful to absorb during the midst of winter. I also agree with Shelley, what a cute dress…where do you find such things?

  3. Alvaro on

    I would love to see a flower focus on these. Do you start them from seed and how? I jus ordered some seeds from swallowtail, and found out of the Millenium Delphiniums!

  4. Debbie Byler on

    Erin, they are absolutely gorgeous!!!!! Would you be willing to tell us what variety they are? Thanks:)

    • Floret on

      Debbie, they are all ‘Pacific Giants’ Delphinium

  5. Erick Morgan on

    These are looking so beautiful. Flowers always have been the best entity to decorate nature and have also overwhelmed people with their beauty.

  6. frances on

    My favorite shade of blue! I used to put dried delphs in handmade paper and the color remains vibrant and lovely. Yours are fabulous!

  7. Betsy on

    beautiful delph…beautiful arrangement…i love your blog…i have really learned so much! thank you!!

  8. Celia on

    Wow, just wow. Those blues are to die for. I wonder if I could grow them in pots outside my apartment.

  9. chelsea on

    So beautiful! Just caught up on your blog. Loved all the Ariella posts! You lead such a wonderful life!

  10. Shelley on

    Those are killer delph! and I’ll just say, I love your striped dress.


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