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May 25th 2013

Ariella at Chalk Hill Clematis, day three

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Our final day with Ariella at Chalk Hill Clematis was spent creating the most amazing table top for a dinner party in the olive grove. The theme colors were yellow, silver, soft brown and turquoise.


Tree peonies reigned queen accompanied by ‘Golden Celebration’ rose, honeysuckle vine, snowball viburnum, parrot tulips, eleagnus foliage, olive leaves, clematis tendrils, bearded iris, ranunculus, alstromeria, copper beech foliage, white rambling roses and variegated geranium leaves.


Every ingredient in the mix was amazing!


We pulled out all the stops from gorgeous linens, custom chair back covers and coordinating seat cushions, to paper covered hurricanes, hand lettered place cards and pearl handled flatware.


The end effect was jaw droppingly beautiful!!!


After hustling all day to get everything created, set up and photographed, we then got to toast to our hard work and enjoy a delicious meal at the table, under the olive grove as the sun set.


What a spectacular finale to an insanely amazing experience!!!


  1. Maureen deBruyn on

    so pleased to have met you Erin! Love your sweet blog and gorgeous photography!

  2. maillot de football pas cher on

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  3. nanne on

    such beautiful arrangements! i hate to even call them “arrangements…they look like they just floated in from the garden and imperfectly perfectly settled & and made themselves at home in just the right vessels.

    what do you use to anchor the flowers into their containers? frogs? wet foral foam? nothing?

  4. Rona on

    It’s been really wonderful to follow your time with Ariella, Erin!

    Such an amazing selection of beautiful blooms and stunning images.

    Rona x

  5. Emily Ellen Anderson on

    So beautiful, Erin. You are such an incredible talent and asset to the floral community!
    Can’t wait to hear more about it!

  6. Hedgerow Rose on

    My goodness, I thoroughly enjoyed this tour–how indescribably beautiful! Thank you for sharing these photos and your experiences with us, it looks like it was wonderful.

  7. Georgianna on

    I would so love to have been there! You all created magic!! So much beauty!!! xo


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