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March 3rd 2021

Dahlia Tuber Giveaway

Written by

All week long our team has been busy shipping out thousands of signed copies of Discovering Dahlias from the Floret Shop to flower lovers all over the world!

To celebrate the launch of the book, we are hosting a really fun contest to win one of fifteen deluxe dahlia tuber collections. Each collection features my favorite varieties for cutting, including some very rare, hard-to-find treasures.

Inside the box of specialty tubers, I will also be tucking a signed copy of the book, a jar of magical dahlia honey from our rainbow field, a packet of dahlia seeds collected from my personal breeding patch, and a set of printed planning cards to help you plan your perfect dahlia garden.

Discovering Dahlias surrounded by tubersHere’s how to play along:

1. When your book arrives, take a picture or film a short video — the more creative you get, the better. Bonus points if you or someone you love is in it!

2. Post your photo or video on Instagram, tag me @floretflower, and use the hashtag #discoveringdahlias. Photos or videos must be posted in your main feed, not stories, to be eligible, since stories disappear within 24 hours and they’re not searchable.

**Separately, I’d love it if you share about the book in your Instagram stories — if you do, be sure to tag me @floretflower so that I can see them!**

3. On March 30 I’ll be announcing the 15 lucky winners and sharing your posts here on the blog.

The giveaway is open to anyone who bought the book, no matter where you purchased your copy.

If you don’t have an Instagram account, no worries! We have another great giveaway happening over on this blog post.

International readers:

Unfortunately we cannot send dahlia tubers outside of the United States because of export restrictions — I so wish we could!

However, if you live outside the United States, we still want you to play along. If your post is chosen, we will send you an amazing dahlia-themed goody box instead.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with! Good luck!


A huge thank you to everyone who entered! Your entries were so fun and creative! Below are a few collages, featuring some of our favorites.

With so many great entries, we couldn’t pick just 15 winners, so we decided to go with 18 instead!

The winners are:

 Garden Amateur


Hoffman Homestead Farmstand

Charlestown Farmhouse

Boo Bunch Garden

Eden Roots Flower Farm

Wild Joy Flowers

Gretchen Lohse

Chatti the Brave

Carmen Arenas

Shanna Kelly

Nichole Brossard

Seagull Bay Blooms

Courtney Stevens

Basket of Flowers Farm

Emily McClelland

Nancy Zadoff

The Pursuit of Milk and Honey

Congratulations to our winners!


  1. elaine buchsbaum on

    I love the idea of sharing growing fllowers with family and friends…..I have been working as a nurse since 1973 and grow food with my sister…both of us are Ca survivors and need beauty and growing to experience life….I would love to grow Dahlias in up stat NY…not a easy or long growing season…help

  2. Ronda Kimball on

    So I don’t know about dahlias or anything but over the past five years I’ve experienced more trauma than anyone I know. Ironically I serve woman as a LPC Associate specializing in complex trauma. So use my pain to help others. All that to say I want to grow your beautiful dallias. my name is Ronda Kimball 818-305-9963 I’m not a writer but I would be happy to tell you my story and learn how to get the tubes I heard you talk about in tv. thank you

  3. Raquel on

    Congrats! How I wish I could have book and can plant flowers like that…

  4. CiCi on

    Congrats to all. Can I purchase the seed mix? Those are all beautiful- please let me know. Thank you!

  5. Aleesha on

    Congratulations everyone who won!!! What a special prize!! You all were very creative!!!! Loved seeing what everyone posted!

  6. Brooke Youngquist on

    Dang, so close! Thanks for such a fun giveaway and still happy to make it on the favorite list!

  7. Mercedes attig on

    I don’t think you saw ours :( It was a reel but it posted on my account like a post but when I looked it up the hashtags I couldn’t find it anywhere. I wonder if the reels aren’t linked when you look up a hashtag. I’m so bummed. But so exciting for everyone that won!

  8. Mikel on

    Were the winners already announced? Looking on blog and Instagram and seeing nothing from yesterday or today…

  9. Mary Combs on

    Hi Erin! I tried to tag you on Instagram but it is restricted from tagging you since you don’t follow me back :) I did use the #discoveringdahlias. Excited about the chance to win those dahlia cards.

  10. Patricia on

    Does my instagram account have to be public to enter this contest? I made a post but my instagram is private.

  11. Nancy Zuker on

    My new book followed me to Florida!!! Thank you mail service.
    But the best part now, I am able to plan to plant and plot my spring flower garden by the pool. Better yet , I will have all kinds of dahlia smarts to begin my cut flower business on our front 10 acres!!! Also I will be able to plant all the seeds from your farm to sell this summer. It will sit along with our orchard.

    Thank you Erin for your fortitude, earnest and love of flowers. I completed my master gardener program and I am going to begin my business in Michigan. I so look forward to your mini courses. Your inspiration is contagious and you look great with the Magnolia group!!

  12. Caitlin on

    I am looking forward to spending long days outside taking in the beauty around me. I’m hoping robins will nest under our apartment stairs again so I get to see the chicks hatch and grow up.

  13. Parrish on

    What is the last day to post on Instagram to qualify for the giveaway? Thanks!

  14. Danielle Cormier on

    Hi Erin !! Delivery of Discovering Dahlias has landed on my front porch. I’m excited to dive right in as I just got back from Alberta, Canada to help my son recover from a brain surgery. It went amazingly well. So now it’s time to quarantine for 14 days. What great timing! Danielle :)

  15. Angie on

    Just got the book! It’s beautiful. I am going to sit right down and read it through.

  16. Meg on

    I am so excited my book arrived can’t wait to to read it front
    to back 🌸

  17. Wanda on

    So excited to get the book for my birthday. The book is beautiful and full of information.
    I pre-ordered the book from Amazon, but did not get the additional dahlia cards

  18. Shelley Robillard on

    So fun. I hashtagged my video, but it won’t let me tag @floretflower. I do it and then it gives me a message about, “can’t do that something about protecting the community, try again later.” I’ve tried multiple times. Don’t know if you all need to okay your tags? Or if for some reason I’m just not doing it correctly. LOVE LOVE LOVE The book.

  19. Kristina Potter on

    My Dahlia Book arrived today, much earlier than I was expecting it! I have already started reading it and am very excited to learn all I can so my New Flowerbeds will look beautiful!! May we all use our Books to have a Successful Growing Season!! My Book is well written and the Photography is stunning!!
    Thanks, very much!!

  20. Jean M Adams on

    I came home from work today and there a package for me. It felt like there might be a book inside but I has not ordered one but knew the launch date was today. My daughters had sent me the book!!!! I still cannot believe it. The best surprise this year! It is beautiful Erin and the photographs are fabulous Chris. And Jill, a home run. You all never cease to amaze me with the sharing and quality of everything you do!!!!

  21. Cassie on

    I love spring because with seasonal depression, I feel as though I, too, get to come back to life and bloom. Gardening gets me outside in the sun and provides a physical representation of the change I go through, so that I can admire the beauty in the process and be grateful for every moment. And, oh, the warmth of the sun on my skin!!! It is pure bliss.

    Love the book! Thank you!

  22. Alisa Fulton on

    My sweetest sister in law gifted me your Dahlia book. What a beautiful enriching gift it is! I have been gleaning on it before bed while my beloved husband is in China for two months and I mourn the loss of my dearest brother. This will surely feed my soul.
    Thank you

  23. Jo McClarrinon on

    I just received my Floret Tool Belt and I already love it! Looking forward to using it ALL year round!



  24. kristina jenkinson on

    I’m so excited that I found you. I love all the information that you are willing to share. Thank you for all the courses you offer.

  25. Christine Demir on

    My copy arrived today (Toongabbie, NSW, Australia) and I’m blocking my nights out to pour over it. Feeling very happy and excited and inspired.
    The bookmarks are a lovely additions and I will be planting the seeds come spring!

    Thank you for sharing your joy of dahlias!!

  26. Sally P on

    Your book is so beautiful! I love all the superb photos. Lots of information too. Thank you.

  27. Norma Kinney on

    Can anyone imagine the beauty of each home planted a dahlia or two.

  28. Catherine on

    Last year after working with the first surge of covid patients in the ICU,s I didn’t start the dahlias or seeds until after Laura from Garden answer did. Didn’t have the energy to dig so threw them in pots .and what a delight.they the garden or in flower arrangements with coleus and amaranth which I grew for the first time. such a balm to the soul.! Another wee miracle a packet of carnations seeds from floret which got totally soaked in the mail. I threw in a pot in the packet and all. Guess what a pot full if carnations!
    I was to late to order dahlia seeds this year, but there is always next year. Thanks for a the work you do to make us more adventurous gardeners.

  29. Mary Fitzgerald on

    I just received your new book “Discovering Dahlias”, I couldn’t put it down. Congratulations on a brilliantly written with sensational photography, so enjoyable to read.
    I am so inspired. Thank you

  30. Kim on

    What a fun giveaway! Congrats on your new book.

  31. Tara on

    Need these in my new cut flower garden!! Laura has inspired me!

  32. Debra Anderson on

    Oh I would love to plant some of your Dahlia tubers – one of my all time favorite flowers! Your garden is amazing and you are an inspiration to us home gardeners

  33. Jeannie Hall on

    Sounds like fun! Never planted Dahlias – Need these♡

  34. Mary on

    This sounds like so much fun! 😁

  35. Joy on

    So beautiful!!!! I LOVE Dahlias !!!

  36. Tim Buckner on

    Man I would sure love to win these would be a great way to start growing these beautiful flowers. I’m trying so hard to start my own seeds and stuff but flowers or harder than vegetables to sprout.

  37. Nicole Palma on

    Never mind! Lord I can’t believe I didn’t see the shopping cart!

  38. Irina Gerasenko on

    Got my email today with shipping confirmation, it got me smiling so much that my daughter was like Hey what going on mom! Guess what it’s spring soon and that means gardening 🧑‍🌾🤩💛 Can’t wait to get my hands on this new book!!!! We’ll post 💛💛💛

  39. Jennifer Downs on

    Just got the conformation that my book is on its way. We are so excited for it to arrive and see all the beautiful flowers!!! We will definitely post pics!

  40. Chrystal Marshall on

    Doll ya got me so
    Excited to see stems uncurl
    Greeting spring, life unfurled

  41. Mary Mitchell on

    Oh my gosh!! This is so generous and fabulous.
    Keeping my fingers crossed!!

  42. Lindsey Oldani on

    LET’S DO THIS!!! Who else is screaming and jumping for joy on the inside??? I need love want all those dahlias!!!!!

  43. Kristina Potter on

    I’m excited for my Book to be arriving soon!!! Thank You for all your Effort to bring this together!! — Kristina!

  44. Jennifer wills on

    Sooooo Excited for Your Book to arrive !!
    Enjoy your Day :-)

  45. Erin Bing on

    I’m so excited!!! Thank you for all the beauty and information you share with this community, I have learned so much. My passion continues to expand as I have fallen deep into the flower hole.

  46. Anne Kaplan on

    So looking forward to receiving your newest book to add to my other two books from you! They are extremely beautiful and informative works of art! I pre-ordered as a birthday present to myself :). I also enjoyed your show on TV and am hoping there will be more episodes. Very inspiring, honest, and encouraging. Thanks to you and your crew for all you do! Just wonderful!

  47. Emmy Husfloen on

    Impatiently waiting for my copy to arrive… Super excited to grow more dahlias in Zone 4B once the temps are higher and the snow is gone.. ;)

  48. Sylvia Folland on

    I haven’t had luck recently with Dahlias so am so looking forward to receiving your book “Discovering Dahlias”. Your company is an inspiration! You give back to our gardening community…Thank you!

  49. Wendy Schoeman on

    Erin, you are an inspiration for us all! I missed getting a signed copy of your book but I do have the cut flower garden. I would love to receive your beautiful gift (I live in Canada). Here I am at 68 learning every day and I have always struggled with making my garden look spectacular, purposeful and I don’t know what to plant to make it look that way. The flower garden book has helped but I have never planted dahlias and am looking forward to trying. Here in Alberta our weather is not as warm as where you are but I am going to try.

    Keep up your work – you were meant to do what you are doing – planting, writing, inspiring and showing us what is possible!

  50. Jen Martindale on

    This is amazing! I cant wait to get my book and get creative!

  51. Sharcondria Salone on

    I’m so excited about this give away and hope I win!!! I’m in the process of purchasing a small vacant residential lot to begin my urban farming journey.

  52. Margaret Dale on

    I can’t hardly wait to get my copy of “Discovering Dahlia’s! I’m chomping at the bit to get all my new flower seeds started, as well! Love everything ❤ about you all and your business!

  53. Nikki Strong on

    I cannot wait to gleam through the pages of all things dahlias!

  54. Rhonda on

    Itching to get my hands on my copy of the book! Impatiently waiting here in Ferndale WA 💜

  55. Lisa Martin on

    So excited for you!! Thank you for being such and inspiration!!

  56. Crystal Willard on

    Crystal here from Oklahoma, one of your 2020 Floret School gals.

    I am just wanting to try the honey, I already bought this book the moment you let it out for pre-sale because of the valuable information you give out to the world that I have used so much in my 2020 garden and not into my 2021 garden.
    I am stalking you and Z’s Bee flying try the dahlia honey!!! I am a honey fanatic and I can not lie, the moment you posted about it, I went and followed the bee keeper and asked her immediately what was going to happen to the honey and can I buy some. Now I see why I could not.

    So you can give all the box to someone in need, can I just keep the honey??

  57. Claire Carnahman on

    I can not wait to plant my very first cut flower garden. Floret has been helping me a lot, I am very excited to plant my first cut flower garden!

  58. Cindy Coin on

    My Mother-in-law always had the most beautiful garden in her sandy loam in Michigan. Every Spring we’d look forward to the myriad of plants that would reveal their bright flowers; daffodils, tulips, violas; pansies and hellebores. But the real show came later with 4-o’clocks, sweet peas, hollyhocks, foxgloves, roses, zinnias and fabulous dahlias. Lots of bright colored dahlias, many of which were 10-12” across! We lost Mom a year ago, but maybe this is the year to honor her memory and try to, in some small way, to recreate her love of gardening with dahlias!

  59. Sue Zorzut on

    I am new to gardening but when I found your site. I signed up and was able to learn the growing basics. I was appreciative of you listing products as well. I am just excited about starting something I have never done before. Dahlias are such beautiful flowers and I will try to give it a whirl. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us all. I was able to get some seeds from you so I will try these as well.

  60. Nancy McDowell on

    Every year Spring gives us hope as she unfolds in glory. This year our gardens honor that hope and pay tribute to those we have lost to COVID. We honor our heroes of health care and our first responders. What a magnificent way to honor all and provide earth love than with a beautiful garden and to get our hands in the soil of God’s earth. namaste 🙏

  61. pat atkins on

    My 120 year old Queen Anne Victorian garden is eagerly awaiting!!

  62. Kathy Houda on

    Received my book from independent seller and immediately read cover to cover. Found growing and over wintering details as new information for me as an experienced horticulturalist but not Dahlia expert! Photography( also in my toolbox) is STUNNING and makes my heart skip a beat! WELL DONE! Thank you!!

  63. Donna Hinze on

    I love the smaller dahlias. The seem a bit more hardy.

  64. Lisa on

    I would love to enter but have lots ordered the book, any other way to enter?

  65. Suzette Woodley on

    You are an amazing inspiration of how to follow your dream!

    Can’t wait for my preordered Discovering Dahlia’s signed copy to arrive.

    Watching your Growing Floret on the Discovery+ channel, more than once, is incredibly enjoyable and eye opening to see where your family started from in the beginning to where you are now and bloom-fully growing further into.

  66. Norma Kinney on

    I enjoy gardening especially dinner plate Dahl I as.

  67. Kailey Ference on

    Bummer! I am no longer on Instagram. Is there still a way to enter?

  68. Milly Cowle on

    Looking forward to my first larger dahlia growing season with the help of this book! Im in ontario canada so we will be submitting for the alternate win!

  69. Mary Bitner on

    Erin, you’ve done it again! Treating us like we’re your BFF’s! Can’t wait for my seasonal manicure of dirty fingernails.

  70. Kathy on

    Love dahlias and had my very first ones last year, looking forward to adding some more this year!

  71. Lisa B on

    I don’t use Instagram or Facebook, is there any other way to enter? Thank you!

  72. Linda Baptista on

    I’m excited to try and win this amazing gift! Thank you for an exciting 2021

  73. Maggie Morgan on

    What a great prize!!! Totally worth it…. you had me when I saw the Peaches and Cream tuber inside!!! 😊

  74. Karen Lussier on

    Same here. I do not have an Instagram account. But really excited to get my new book.

  75. Lisa on

    Just got notified my ore ordered signed copy is on its way! Do you know when you will have Dahlia tubers back in stock in your website?

  76. Kay Mcintyre on


    I understand how many people are disappointed but most of us understand. This is a marketing campaign !
    So even though I have Insta, I will not be participating since I do not have many followers.

    That being said, anyone who complained and is reading this, just find a friend, family member or dog with an Insta and play the game !

    This is to market a great company

  77. Shuba Somas on

    I have deleted both FB and Instagram. Very disappointed that it’s the only way to participate

  78. Pascale CA on

    I’m really looking forward to growing my first ever dahlia! I’ve got a few little tubers given to me by a friend and I’m going to give it a go! I’m also excited to grow my first ever cut flower patch and to get a few little veg/herb plants going for my windowsill. I can’t wait for the grey cold weather to clear up and for some lovely days of Spring sunshine soon! (P.S. I’m super excited for your new book! It looks amazing!)

  79. Kaitlyn McDonald on


    Is there any way to enter if I don’t have Instagram? :} If not, I completely understand.

    Excited for the winners, this is great! :D

  80. Jane DiGiovanni on

    Ditto to the above comments. The video contest sounds like tons of fun. I too am pulling back from social media sites. I have never been on Instagram.
    Nevertheless, I am super excited to see my Dahlia book soon. :) Thanks for your joy and jubilance!

  81. Dempsey Fitton on

    I am looking forward to growing beautiful flowers to grace my home and the homes of my friends and family!

  82. Beth Sleutz on

    I am sorry, but I don’t have that account either. I am old fashion to most, but I get the work done. Maybe there is another way we can enter? Thanks for everything, Beth

  83. Roxanne R Benefield on

    I am very excited about the giveaway, but I too have left social media. I am hoping in the future that you’ll have other options for us to enter. I love dahlias!!

  84. Hannah M on

    This contest sounds amazing! However like several already commenting, due to privacy issues and the overall environment of Instagram and Facebook (and many other social media platforms) I deleted my Instagram account (to which I had over 11k followers) and have no other social media accounts. That choice to delete social media hasn’t stopped me from sharing great companies and products with everyone I know. In fact all winter I’ve been rambling on about how excited I am to have time to read your first book, got the second, over 60 varieties of seeds to start my first ever cut garden, and can’t wait to finally hold my pre-order copy of your third book. Showing friends and families all the beautiful Dahlias I can’t buy because their sold out at a lot of online shops and day dreaming adding them next spring. I would be bursting with excitement to have FLORET tubers 😍😍😍 anyways…all this to say it would be incredibly amazing if those of us who (for what ever reason we each have) don’t have social media could still have a chance at such an amazing giveaway of your beautiful tubers.

  85. J C on

    I completely agree with this comment. I no longer have social media accounts… never had Instagram. Erin, maybe there would be a way to share pictures on the blog for contests? Thanks for considering.

  86. Catherine on

    Agree with all the non-techy comments-fresh out of 10 year olds to school me, so a barrier to entry.

    Flowers don’t speak code.

  87. Kailee on

    I hope I get my book arrives before then, indigo says March 18th is the ETA. I’m just excited for it to arrive regardless if it’s in time for the contest or not!

  88. Victoria Hernandez on

    How awesomeeee!!! Can’t wait to get your book, if the Instagram account is private is it still eligible?

  89. C Roper on

    In future contests could you include some alternate ways to enter? Due to all the political interference and privacy issues with Facebook last year I deleted my account permenantly. I also do not use any social media platform anymore for these reasons. I will be buying your new book though as I have your others as well.

  90. Anne Finn on

    The PERFECT way to christen a new home !

  91. Linda Batten on

    I too don’t have Instagram or Facebook. I wouldn’t even know how to work it. I would have loved to have a chance to win this box of dahlia tubers.

  92. Julie Eiken on

    I have never planted dahlias but you have inspired me. They are so beautiful!

  93. Melinda France on

    Can’t wait for my copy to arrive… been hanging out for it for months :)

  94. Bernadette Greenwich on

    Looking forward to receiving my book so I can begin my road to a beautiful Dahlia patch.🌸💝

  95. Janet on

    Oh no, I pre-ordered the book last August but don’t have an Instagram account 😕…any other way to enter?

  96. Irene Grabowski on

    Excited to get my preordered copy of your book! This year is Dahlia year for me, I can’t wait to try them and the seeds I ordered from your lovely garden!

  97. Barbara Schmidt on

    I’m in! I started a few years ago with my first Dahlias by going to a local Dahlia workshop. I started in March and waited all summer for them to bloom. I had so many other flowers and vegetables come and go in that time. Then when all the other blooms were spent and the cucumbers were eaten… summer vacation was over, all of a sudden those green leafy dahlias started coming around. It was like summer got a new lease on life. I got one gorgeous bloom after another… each unfurled it’s beauty and made my growing season complete. Even digging them up was surprising… alas I didn’t have much luck wintering them over that first year. I watched your video about digging them up and storing them for winter and had a bit more success the 2nd year. Now I’m in for the whole cycle and have a place I want to dedicate for this wonderful repeating journey of growing Dahlias. Can’t wait to get my book. Thank you Erin and crew. I’ve been watching you grow and it has been a lovely ride. My first book was a Valentine’s gift to myself, A Year in Flowers. This one is a birthday gift. See you on Instagram!

  98. Carly on

    Eeeeeekkkk!! I’m so going to participate! I can’t wait to get my book!

  99. Gwen Mullin on

    I recently purchased your Cut Flower Garden book and read in a day it was awesome! I have my copy preordered and can’t wait to receive it.

  100. Tammy Hausmann on

    This is so exciting! I am in! I love being part of the flower movement and Discovering Dahlias. Floret Online workshop 2021 helped me to see how I can take what I have and multiply them so that I can add to my New Dahlia obsession.

  101. Joan on

    Looking forward to your book so much! IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL,… EYE CANDY and I’m an artist, love love the photos you share of your beautiful gardens and your story, so inspiring, heard of you through hollihocks on instagram <3 SHE has a beautiful garden and shared you as her inspiration <3 so I DID order your book and heard about you from her ! following you on instagram! ty for all you share, love it !

  102. Rhea Adkins on

    You all are so generous… and FUN!!! The anticipation of your stunningly beautiful book is wonderful! And the thrill of possibly having your flowers in my garden… oh my!

  103. Sandy on

    I also wish the contest was open to everyone and seems a bit odd that you have to purchase the book to enter and then you include a book in the prize.

  104. Pattie on

    Thank you for all the great information.

  105. Kathy Rinke on

    I don’t use instagram, but look forward to the time when you are selling Dahlia tubers on your website. I love all the information found on your website and can’t wait to get my book!

  106. Meg Blevins on

    Thank you for all you do and share! You are such a blessing!

  107. Tara Ciff on

    I just pre ordered my book, and I cannot wait to receive it!! I have enjoyed watching your story and cannot wait to plant my seeds this spring. Thank you for your inspiration!❤️

  108. Charlene Winter on

    I have entered the other drawing but I don’t have Instagram either. Thanks again for sharing flowers with us.

  109. Crystal Easter on

    Is this contest only through Instagram? I do not have that, but was hoping there would be another way to enter…

  110. Jessica @ The Fin Farm on

    Such an amazing giveaway!! I received my shipping confirmation today as well. SO excited!!!

  111. Megan on

    You are really amazing…thank you! It is very exciting time!

  112. Becky on

    Thank you for sharing what you have learned over the years. I enjoy watching and learning. Excited to receive your latest book!

  113. Doreen Brown on

    I’m diving into Dahlias this summer! Grew one last year and it was gorgeous. Put raised beds in and I’m ready. 💚

  114. Leah Clay Oldfield on

    I have learned so much these past few months from Erin at Floret. I always get excited if I get an email or if she post a story in Instagram. Thank you for always inspiring me! I am going to plan my one dahlia tubers this year and would love to have one of your favorites!

  115. Sarah Dee on

    The book isn’t released until the 18th March in the UK otherwise I’d be in :-(

  116. Samantha on

    This is so exciting!! How wonderful of you to share your favorites!! More flowers around the world 🥰♥️🌸!

  117. Kate Stone on

    Amazon says I won’t receive the book until the 16th :( I want to play.

  118. John and Maureen Lalley on

    We are loving your Flower Farming course and have learned so much! Looking forward to receiving our copy of Discovering Dahlias! The photography is spectacular!

  119. Luly Vidigal on

    I live in Brasil and this contest is really fun! I will Love to participate ! Can’t wait to see!!! ❤️❤️

  120. Marjolein on

    Oh no! I live in The Netherlands and pre-ordered via but I only get the book between 24 March – 28 March, so I miss the deadline to enter :-( (even though we cannot get tubers, I would love to be able to enter for a goodie box!)
    Nevertheless, I am soooo excited to get the book by the end of this month! Lots of love from NL,

  121. Nancy on

    So is this giveaway only open to those who have preordered the book?

  122. Eve Sweatman on

    Can’t wait to see more of your gardening adventures on the Magnolia Channel!! Happy Spring!!!

  123. Lucie on

    What an awesome dahlia love!!!

  124. Christina Angelucci on

    Why cannot dahlia tubers be sent to the UK? We are no longer part of Europe, and we have our own trade deals.

    I would be grateful to know the reason.

  125. Denise Jackson on

    I saw the unboxing on the Garden Answer channel. Everything looked wonderful. I would love to learning more about dahlias.


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