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November 26th 2010

Chantilly Snapdragons

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Every season we grow thousands of Snapdragons in every color imaginable. Most are destined for mixed bouquets but there is one special variety that never seems to make into the general mix, the Chantilly. Designers, grocery customers and florists eagerly snatch up every stem we can muster! There just never seems to be enough to go around.

The breeder of this fine group was a genius! No other Snapdragon I’ve grown posses so many desirable traits in one plant : beautiful warm colors, tall strong stems, delicate ruffled blooms and the loveliest citrus scent.

During a warm afternoon there is no better place to be than smack dab in the middle of this fragrant paradise! Well, maybe the Sweet Pea patch ;)


Here a big bundle of Chantilly Snapdragons gathered for a flower subscriber: pink w/ white throat, light salmon,and bronze


This variety is unbelievably productive. During a warm spell we often harvest daily.

Sometimes the task can be a little daunting!


Ahhhhh…. Heaven!

++ Growing notes++
The first week of February I sow seed in 200 cell trays and keep the babies nice and toasty in our propagation house until transplant time in early April.
In the field all of our snaps are grown with a 9×9″ spacing in landscape fabric and netted early on to ensure nice straight stems. From an April planting we usually begin harvest by late June.



  1. Paul on

    Hi, I got my first allotment plot last year late in the summer. Since then I’ve spent every chance I can putting in a shed, paths, building raised beds, weeding and adding to the soil. Fell in love with Dahlias so along with tonnes of other flowers that’s what il be concentrating on. Bought your book a couple of weeks ago and was surprised how beautiful it was. Has increased my eagerness to start growing even more. Thankyou.

  2. sejean_sohn on

    Hello, Love your blog! Thank you for so generously sharing your insights and knowledge. I’m belatedly contemplating ordering some Chantilly snap seeds, but wonder if it’s too late for this year. Will they grow well if they are sown June 1st to mature over hottest part of summer (I’m in zone 6, mid-Atlantic, in eastern PA)? I guess if it’s 110 days to maturity, they should flower by mid Sept, with 3 weeks before the last hard frost? Or do you advise trying to be patient and waiting till next spring? I’m pining after many of your seed offerings! Thank you, SJT

  3. arianna on

    hello, im doing my own gladiolus lil farm this summer i have 300 sprouts, but i have no idea how much to sell them for in pots, i apreciate any tip. Most people in florida sell here only the bulbs but not the actual bulb sprout with the flowers. thank you

  4. Josie on

    I am new to cut flower growing and all my snaps had very crooked, gnarled stems this past year. What is netting and do you do it for every snap crop?

    “In the field all of our snaps are grown with a 9×9″ spacing in landscape fabric and netted early on to ensure nice straight stems. From an April planting we usually begin harvest by late June.”

    • Floret on

      Hi Josie– Try searching by either Tenax netting or Hortonova. We use it for a lot of our flowers.

  5. Jerilyn Harris on


    I am preparing the bouquets and misc. florals for my niece’s wedding in August. I just returned to my family and home in IL from living/working in Southern CA for the past 20 years. Access to a whole host of things is quite different here. I can not seem to find the Chantilly “Coral” Snapdragons. The bride to be has her heart set on these beautiful & unique stems. Any advice on where I can purchase this flower on line?

    Respectfully submitted…

    Jerilyn Harris (Retired Interior Designer & Floral Designer)

  6. joan kinney on

    Hi Erin. I’m a small cut flower grower in Colo. Do you know where I can buy snap plugs? Thanks for any help you can give me, because I know how crazy-busy it is becoming. Joan


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