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November 26th 2010

Sweet Pea Overload

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With a day all to myself I have leisurely been digging through my old photo files. It’s funny how a few pictures can so quickly transport me back to the past. 2009 was our most successful Sweet Pea year to date. The weather was ideal, we got the ground prepped and plants in exactly on time. It was as if the stars aligned for a truly glorious crop. Following is a peek into that magical summer. Enjoy!
A June bridal bouquet filled with Garden Roses, Herbs, Ranunculus, Sweet Pea flowers and tendril.

Chris packing up hundreds of bunches for delivery

I was so excited with our success. Look at those long stems!


Chris working his way through the jungle. Most vines grew so tall that eventually they toppled over the 6ft t-posts and crashed into the path.


The view from our front porch. You could smell the perfume in the living room!


A bouquet of red, white and blue Spencer Sweet Peas for a 4th of July picnic.

Hands down the coolest Sweet Pea ever! This variety called Nimbus came from Owl Acre’s Sweet Peas in England.

Sweet Pea Watermelon from Renee’s Garden Seeds.


  1. Diane on

    What is your favorite red Spencer sweet pea variety?

    All your sweet pea bouquets are beautiful, by the way.

  2. Kate Holt on

    sigh…this is so beautiful. all of your hard work, and to see such stunning results. Sweet peas are heavenly.

  3. Floret Farm on

    Have you tried the Spencers? North Shore is a Spencer variety and they are all MUCH more heat tollerant than other types. My favorite source for seeds is

  4. Jennie on

    Oh be still my heart!! I have such Sweet Pea envy! I try them every year and usually get about a dozen respectable bunches. It's really not a "worthy" crop for me, but they are such a nostalgic bloom to me and the fragrance so heady, I have to try and hope that the stars will align for me sometime. The only variety that has regulary withstood the PA humidity is North Shore from Renee's. Lovely fragrance too.

    p.s. – loving all these blog updates. :-)


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