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January 5th 2011

Brrrrr!!! more cold on the way

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Another blast of cold weather is headed our way. Nothing like the east coast has been experiencing but still enough to do damage to the tender young sproutlings we have growing in the greenhouse. Last night, armed with a few rolls of frost cloth we were able to quickly get everyone  tucked in for the upcoming chilly weather.

The Anemones have finally broken through! Hooray!


We planted tons of Galilee Anemones


And plenty of Meron Anemones too. Bordo, a deep wine colored variety is the one I’m most excited to see!


The La Bella Ranunculus are getting happily established


In just a few short month these beds will be knee deep in blooms!


Wire Wickets for suspending Remy/ frost cloth above the beds. Made from 76″ long pieces of number 9 wire.


Chris went down each row and inserted the wire wickets.


We then draped a double layer of frost cloth over the  wire wickets and….voila! all the plants are now nice and cozy!

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