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January 4th 2011

My Guy

Written by
This is Chris, the heart of our family.

We met at boarding school 16 years ago.

freaky huh?

He has the patience of a monk. Truly!

When the kids describe him, they use words like: fun, soft, kind,sweet, nice and loving.

He’s an amazing guy.

I’m totally lucky!




He always helps me try new ideas and if they don’t turn out (which is often the case) he never gets mad.< /> < />< />< />< />< />< />< />< />

< />< />< />< />

He handles all of the irrigation on the farm.


He takes pictures for me even when I’m being a total bitch.


and they always turn out beautiful


He never gets mad when you get your fishing line tangled or lose your worm.


He’s a great teacher!


Last season he planted over 20,000 Sunflowers without a single complaint.


He works a regular 9-5 but spends every evening and weekend helping me with the flowers.


He keeps everything around here running


and always includes the kids,taking time to explain and teach along the way.


On Halloween, he will let you pick out his costume
When things get too stressful or disconnected at home, he’ll pick up Mexican food and take us to the beach for some grounding.


He can fly a helicopter!


He keeps on top of the weeds.


He always makes me laugh!
On top of it all, he’s a great cook!



  1. João on

    Sabes porque ele é assim?
    Porque de certeza se sente feliz com tudo e todos o que tem à sua volta.
    Que bom para todos.
    Felicidades :D
    Estou fascinada com a vossa Vida.
    Um dia, se Deus quiser visito-vos.
    Maria João Meireles (Portugal)

    Do you know why it is so?
    Because it certainly feels happy with all and everyone he has around him.
    Good for everyone.
    Cheers: D
    I'm fascinated with your Life.
    One day, God willing ii'll visit you.
    Maria João Meireles (Portugal)

  2. Marx on

    That's my bro! He's an awesome guy and has a truly awesome family!


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