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August 10th 2020

Favorite Bulb Sources

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We get asked all of the time about where to buy fall-planted bulbs. Here is a list of some of our favorite mail-order sources in the states.

Brent & Becky’s Bulbs

Hands down my favorite source for bulbs, this family-owned company in Gloucester, Virginia, offers a great selection of fall- and spring-planted bulbs as well as a selection of perennial plants. Brent and Becky wrote a comprehensive book all about daffodils and one about tulips that are my all-time favorite books on the subject.

John Scheepers

One of the oldest bulb producers in the country, John Scheepers has a great selection of all types of bulbs, from tulips and narcissus to hard-to-find treasures. They also have great bulb collections grouped by color.


This long-standing, family-run operation is the largest tulip producer in the Skagit Valley with over 1,000 acres in production. During the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival, you can visit their beautiful 3-acre display garden. They offer a nice selection of standard and novelty varieties.

White Flower Farm

White Flower Farm is a family-owned nursery based in northwestern Connecticut. While their prices are a bit higher than those of most sources, they have a great selection of hard-to-find varieties, and their website has beautiful photos.

Planting bulbs in the fall is a gift to your future self, and there’s nothing more wonderful than being greeted by flowers in early spring.

If you have a favorite source for fall-planted bulbs please share it in the comments below.

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  1. JOE on

    Lovely post beautiful!

  2. Lorna Druffel on

    I just want to applaud you for valuing family and the families of your employees!! I am sure this decision was difficult for all! I respect your business values, love your flowers, books, photos…..and desire to share your gifts and wisdom with us all. FLORET is a wonderful example of high quality business and are spreading beauty far and wide!
    Thank you !

  3. Lorna Druffel on

    I just want to send you a big hug for valuing family and the families of your employees!! I am sure this decision was difficult for all! I appreciate your business values very much! LOVE your flowers, books, photos…..and desire to share your gifts and wisdom with us all. Thank you !

  4. Molly Coyne on

    I went through Dutch Grown and so far I’ve been pleased with them!

  5. B on

    What are you gathering?!💚

  6. Rachelle on

    I’ve ordered from http://www.flowerbulbsrus.com in ontario for the first time. It’s near me so hopefully the plants will do well.

    Vesey and Botonus I’ve ordered from before.

  7. Jess on

    I admire your decision to shift focus to family during this difficult time. We have all been tested and we need to pivot now more than ever. I will continue to buy seeds from you in ridiculously wonderful amounts, and my garden will be full of color in the new (hopefully better) year of 2021. Happy gardening!

  8. Alice Siebecker on

    Love all your selections plus I love the tulip blends of Color Blends bulbs. Great success at over a mile high elevation and zone 4 planting conditions

  9. Michelle on

    Any suggestions for these bulbs in Canada?

  10. Lola on

    I believe it is the right decision for Floret, you guys do such a wonderful job and it does not go un-noticed. With this hard decision for your Fall business I think it’s safe to say….. Floret, not just beautiful flowers, but they aim to make the whole world a better place.
    Thank you! 💚

  11. Therese on

    Erin…thank you for making a decision that supports your staff. It makes me love your company even more!! I live in San Diego and have bought bulbs from https://www.easytogrowbulbs.com over the years. They are a locally owned family business with excellent products and lots of good information on their site for new growers. May 2021 bless you and your staff.

  12. Donna Deal on

    I love Terra Ceia Farms in NC. They are a family run business that immigrated to the US from Holland in the 1930s. The quality of their bulbs, and the selection, is fantastic. Living in NC, I love ordering from a local company, and I know that what I buy has a good chance of doing well. Thanks for asking! https://www.terraceiafarms.com/

  13. linda on

    Thank you for sharing your heart and what is needed for your team; quality time with family and friends…I so enjoy our posts and lovely pictures….Blessings to each and may they feel God’s love, presence , and May God speak into each life and what God has for each with this coming Fall and the New Year just around the corner…

  14. Linda K. on

    You’ve set your priorities right, Floret Farms. Such a fine example of integrity during this pandemic. May many more businesses follow in your stead.

  15. Janet Slarskey on

    Van Engelen is John Scheepers site for larger volume orders so if you’re looking for quality and quantity I would highly recommend them. They also have terrific service.

  16. Samantha on

    I can’t applaud you enough for prioritizing family and health during this time. I’m sure this was both a hard and easy decision to make, and it makes me so happy to see that you have your priorities in order. It’s refreshing, especially seeing as how many businesses, both small and large-scale, are not even considering doing something like this to help those with children who will not be going back to school. Thank you so much, and I look forward to continuing to support your for years to come.

  17. Mary on

    Floret’s thoughtful, compassionate courage to make this decision is impressive. Thank you for sharing how you came to make the session and providing other resources.

  18. Kakhi Wakefield on

    Can you tell us the lovely variety of the hydrangea you have gathered in this photo? Also, I have had very good shopping experiences with John scheepers. Thanks for sharing all your valuable resources!

  19. Rachel on

    Thank you Floret for putting your employees and families first. You are an amazing company who set the example for many. I second Brent and Beckys! For anyone local here in Western Washington I also love to purchase bulbs at Satsop Bulb Farm. Their farm store opens September 15th.

  20. Daylen on

    Tulip Town!! Their flowers are magical!!

  21. Andrea on

    As a new mom trying to hold down a full time job and full time childcare I’m so appreciative that Floret is celebrating this choice. Somethings have to give in these crazy times, and it’s refreshing to hear a company acknowledge it. Floret forever!

  22. Jessica Adams on

    I loved your company before, and know I love it even more. I hold so much respect for you for choosing to put your employees first, and because of they I will be a loyal customer forever. So much respect and gratitude for you, your ethics and the beautiful happiness your seeds, bulbs, photos and videos bring me year round.

  23. Kellie on

    So proud to support a company who puts its people first. Keep taking good care and we’ll keep coming back!

  24. Rebecca Sapolsky on

    Old House Garden has great heirlooms too. And very kind and helpful customer service.

  25. Kimberly Smith-Klett on

    I am writing to say bravo! I started my morning off with your email. As I eagerly read through it, I noticed I was smiling. Then when I clicked the link to read the entire post, I knew I wanted to reach out and say thank you. Thank you for your amazing flowers, thank you for supporting other farmers, and thank you for putting your employees and their families first during these strange times. I can’t wait to get my fall order in with you, and support your other recommendations.


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