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March 14th 2016

More #growfloret goodness

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It has been a wild week-long dahlia dividing party here on the farm.  Thankfully lots of friends and family from near and far have come to lend a hand.  I just love this little flower community!

With a quick scan of my social media feed, I can tell seed starting season is in full swing for many of my flower friends.  I adore seeing all the photos of our little seed packets getting into the hands of flower lovers across the continent.

Here are a few images tagged with #floretseeds or #growfloret that caught my eye, including what I think may be the very first poppies in bloom posted. Wowsa!







Blue Sky Flower Farm








I love the community that is being built of fellow farmer-florists and gardeners sharing what they are planting, growing, harvesting & designing.

To keep the momentum going throughout “seed starting season” and early spring, please continue to share photos of your seed packets, seed starts, baby plants and your flowers in bloom on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, tagging it with #FloretSeeds or #GrowFloret.  I’ll periodically feature a few of my favorites here on the blog and send out some Floret Seeds goody bags. 

Thanks for playing along!


  1. Flower admirer Aimee|City Garden Ltd on

    I can tell that I feel similar regarding flowers. My babies at the backyard are making me feel proud of myself. I grow every single one from a tiny seed and I give them a lot of care and love to be the prettiest flowers. Flowers show the beauty of the nature!
    Greetings, Aimee from London based gardening company

  2. Abi on

    This is so exciting!
    Does anyone know how many bulbs come in one package?

  3. Angie on

    Thanks for sharing and giving inspiration to others!! Makes me smile I side every time I read your blogs!! Happy Planting all!!

  4. Jacin on

    Ahh thanks for including me! This has been such a joy – thanks to your insightful blog posts and phone calls / texts with Mandy of 3 Porch Farm. So excited for this season to come!

  5. kim on

    I would so love a goody bag ?
    I do not have any Floret seeds. Making due with what I have.
    Love your inspiration always

  6. Meg on

    Yes! So fun to see my flower on Floret!! Yay! :) Thank you!

  7. Meg on

    Yes, thanks for the share! :)

  8. Killoran on

    Whoa! In bloom, already?! I can’t wait to order more (and more and more and more).

  9. Julio on

    I feel like I’m behind, but I’ll catch up! Getting grow lights set up! Our last frost isnt until late May, but with mild winter, that may change! Re-dividing Dahlias this week too! Had far more stored than I remembered!

  10. Alison on

    too fun!! Thanks for the share ❤️


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