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January 12th 2012

what a week

Written by
Oh my, it sure has been busy around here !


¬†Greenhouse building is in full swing. It’s finally starting to look like a “real” operation !



The kids have been in on the action too. While all of these harebrained projects Chris and I keep adding in can get pretty tedious, they’ve both kept really great attitudes, so far : )


Baby spring flowers are up and growing in their new homes. Here a bed of ‘Super Green’ Ranunculus stretch to meet the sun.


As usual the kitties are being VERY helpful ; )


  1. Floret on

    i buy corms in the early fall from the Fred C. Gloeckner Co.

  2. mrs.pabody on

    Do you start your ranunculus from seeds, bulbs, plugs….??? Love your blog!

  3. Jessica on

    Hello, I just found your blog looking for hoop house designs for do-it yourselfers! Just thought I'd say something as I stopped in to look at your pretty blog! Your pictures are inspiring!

  4. Floret Flowers on

    I've purchased mine from Oregon Valley Greenhouses and Steuber's in Snohomish WA. Both companies do a very nice job.

  5. Tanis on

    Oh I want more hoop houses too…can't ever have enough of them! You will grow some beauties in there!

  6. K. Barber-Flower Farmer on

    Can you say where you buy the hoops from? I am looking to add a 20X60, you have inspired me. With our wonderful NW weather that brings us lush forests it's not so good for growing some flowers.

  7. julie on

    gorgeous pics as always.. :) your two beautiful kids r such troopers & the first few leaves on your mass planting must make your heart sing after all the hard

  8. Mary on

    Looking great! And kitties are ALWAYS so much help.. aren't they? :D In their own unique ways…

  9. Floret Flowers on

    Deborah, we order the metal hoops and purlins but build the rest from scratch.

  10. Deborah Jean at Dandelion House on

    Wonderful Erin!!! I'm inspired to get our first Hoop House ordered and set up! Do you order yours or build from scratch?

  11. Bare Mtn Farm on

    Oh, I want, I want too (two more too). Wow you have been busy. So many beautiful flowers will be coming out of those great greenhouses. Keep kicking butt!


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