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January 17th 2012

snow day

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 It’s coming down hard here and a whopping wind/snow storm is predicted for tonight.

The roads were super slick this morning so Chris is home, keeping the greenhouses swept clean of heavy, wet snow.


Talk about a serious workout!

The baby seedlings are all snuggled up on their heat mats with layer of frost cloth keeping them toasty warm.

Hissy the duck is becoming meaner by the day. His darling partner is hoarding a clutch of eggs and seriously pondering motherhood, so this big fella is standing guard in the coop.While I’m all for being a gentleman, this guy better chill out or he’s going on a long drive ; )

The Spice Girls are in full swing now, cranking out a massive amount of eggs everyday. More than we can eat so there are plenty to share.

I’ve gotta say, life is pretty darn good.


  1. Floret Flowers on

    Those rows with cloth over the top in the g-house are Ranunc's and Anemones.
    I have all of the seedling on heat mats, up on tables, covered with the same material in another hoop. You could totally put your mats on the ground though and make a little frost cloth tent over to hold in heat. Just watch for mice and birds if you uncovered them as they LOVE sweet peas and other flower seeds!

  2. edi gardner on

    I can't wait! I have ordered thousands from germania but they are not very knowledgeable :-(
    Maybe I'll just take a ride and come pick them up

  3. Deborah Jean at Dandelion House on

    Hello Erin!
    Well, I don't mind a bit looking at your lovely yellow and white bouquet's! They are truly beautiful. Question? Do you have your seedlings growing inside your hoop house on the heated mats? Is that what I see along the walls with the frost cover over them? I was just wondering this morning if I needed a smaller greenhouse to start my seedlings or if I could do them inside the hoop house some way!
    Look forward to more!

  4. Floret Flowers on

    Edi, not yet. Shipping (fresh flowers, plant plugs) is my next adventure. So many details to sort out first though(boxing, Fed-Ex etc). Once I get things pulled together I'll let you know : )

  5. Terri on

    The greenhouses were up just in time!

  6. Julie on

    I have snow envy…my kids are wearing their PJs backwards and sleeping with a spoons under their pillows, dreaming of snow.(We're in Upstate SC.) Can we borrow just an inch or two, then I'll happily get back to our 50 and 60 degrees…

    (And I'm behind on my seedlings…must. plant. today!)

    Love, love the images of your snow-covered greenhouses–a lot of work, but lovely just the same!

    Stay warm!


  7. Lotta on

    I love your photoes….you have a hard and wonderful work and the place were you live locks so beautiful. I wish you all luck.
    /Lotta(a farmer in Sweden)

  8. Mary on

    MEN! :) Be they fowl or human or other animal. You know? lol

  9. Bow Street Flowers on

    Looks like Chris and Hissy have different styles of guarding the ' nest '. Gotta love the men in our lives.

  10. Bare Mtn Farm on

    Tony says: Hey Chris fellow squeegee man, don't you just love it when it snows. Now we see why you went for major pipes, you get way more snow than we did. Happy Squeegeeing!

    We just got our Growing For Market, Thanks for the really great writeup!


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