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March 29th 2013

This week….

Written by

Erin Benzakein Anemones
This week has been an equal mix of difficultly and joy. To be completely honest, it totally kicked my ass. I’ve had more emotional meltdowns than usual (overwhelm is where I go) but I’ve also created some really special opportunities for the future as well.

This week:
– I wrote to a long lost friend and apologized for being such an ass
– I made really solid peace with another
– I got clearer on what direction I would like to take things (the business and my personal path)
– I finally admitted to myself that maybe what I’m searching for in the way of confidence isn’t “out there” but is waiting to be nurtured right here inside myself
– I picked a cooler full of flowers and sowed half a greenhouse full of seed trays
– I fell head over heels in love with anemones, especially the white beauties
– I actually set aside work on a busy day and took a long walk with the kids to see their tadpole catching pond
– I fell off and got back on the green juicing bandwagon
– I got up at 5:30 every morning to take an online business/marketing course before the work of the day began
– I listened to my Mom and wore sunscreen everyday
– I laughed a lot with the kids and made some pretty funny dance videos
– I emailed and spoke with some of the most talented people in the industry
– I tried to be in the moment as much as possible and did alright considering


Erin Benzakein Anemones

box of Anemones

white and black Anemones


  1. Spring Brides | fletcherandfoley on

    […] The best picture of Anemones I’ve seen in a long while comes care of this lady in America – now if I could grow them […]

  2. wasabi honey bee on

    Nice list, beautiful pictures!!! Happy spring and good luck : )

  3. A Garden of Threads on

    Beautiful post and so honest about what you are doing. I love the anemones. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. CheyAnne Sexton on

    I adore anemones and painted one last week as well, in watercolor

  5. Yvonne on

    love this post…. your honesty and candor really does help me to focus, and just have a go. Thank you.

  6. Jen on

    I love how you share the not-so-good along with the great moments and beautiful bits of your week.
    yikes-just realised from flower blog world that I have been spelling and saying ‘anemones’ incorrectly for over 20 years!

  7. Sherri B. on

    Your honesty drew me in…it sounds like you got a lot of wonderful things accomplished this week. Your flower photos are simply spectacular…! Thanks so much for sharing.

  8. debra on

    pretty good news, Erin. Glad we connected this week and THANK YOU for the lovely narcissus bouquet, which is making me smile as I write this note~

  9. Toria on

    love where you are coming from with approach to life – difficult to stay in the moment! Your anemones are so beautiful :-)

  10. Ariana Salvo on

    Love this blog entry–the honesty of your experience of being a business owner and mother and flower farmer….and the gorgeous photos. I plan on having my own farm some day, and reading your blog a lot recently is helping to keep me focused on accomplishing my goal some day. Thank you! Cheering you on from Prince Edward Island, Canada!


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