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April 4th 2014

this moment


  1. VillageRat on

    Ahhhh, that is a special moment in so many ways!!

    Thanks for sharing it with all of us!

  2. Terri on

    Erin, is that your Mom? Jasper has her eyes! Gorgeous tulips!!

  3. Laurie on

    I just can’t keep myself from commenting! Every time I visit your blog, I am simply overwhelmed with its beauty. With the stunning pictures of the farm, the flowers, and beautiful smiling faces, I can’t think of better spot on the internet to stop and linger for a little while…especially if I have a fresh cup of coffee in hand! Thank you for creating such a refreshing and happy space!

  4. Georgianna on

    Pure magic! Sending love and best wishes for the weekend.


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